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It's easy if you try ...

I haven't written anything on my story in the past two days. Wait. No. That's not correct. I've written things on it, it just hasn't been of the plot variety. Basically, I have these unconnected scenes that are flipping through my head. For the most part, I can see where they're going to go in the overall plot-line so I started thinking, Hmmm, I'd better get the bare bones of these ideas down on paper before I can't remember all the bits and pieces. Five pages of notes later ...

Guys, I've never been this organized when it comes to writing. NEVER. And this story keeps humping other parts of itself and spawning new ideas and I almost can't keep up.

Trust me when I say that I'm not complaining in any way, shape or form. I love how this story is evolving. I love how it's falling out of my head. I'm simply stunned and amazed at how quickly it's growing.

So, those pages of notes would be why I didn't journal yesterday. I lose track of time like crazy. The other day I even put off eating so I could get those last few sentences down. Yeah. An hour later I realized that I was starving and it was time to eat. The end. No excuses. It was kinda awesome.

My manic glee at my current writing project aside, I ordered the newest book by Sherrilyn Kenyon the other day. It's set in her Dark-Hunter universe but it's in the Young Adult genre. I loved the last book I read that followed this formula (The Darkest Powers trilogy by Kelley Armstrong which is set in her Otherworld universe) so I have pretty high hopes for this book. That might not make sense since they're written by different authors, but Kelley Armstrong set the bar high with Chloe's story and I fully expect Sherrilyn Kenyon to do her part in keeping me happy on the reading front.

Well, I got a decent nap in today in preparation for a late night writing. Yes, my world revolves around when I can get a few hundred words down in Word. You know, I'm okay with that.

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Your story is humping itself?

Like a roomful of bunnies.

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