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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

There's something here behind the house ...

Things I have done today (in no particular order except how they pop into my head...):
1. I ended up writing 1100 words last night on the burning plot bunny. Closed out a chapter, jumped into the next. Got help for the girl, gave the guy a big dose of guilt. Next up: Get the girl fixed up and out into the world, have some deep, dark misunderstandings between her and everyone else and make the big guy angry that he wasn't more observant.

Okay, so technically, this didn't happen today, but ... it's my writing. I can write about it.

2. Went with H to her first round of off-site physical therapy. It was more for emotional support than anything else. You know, because she didn't know where she was going (literally) and I have such a fabulous sense of direction. There was a heap of sarcasm as I wrote that last part. Because I GET LOST EVERYWHERE! FOR SERIOUS! However, in this instance we didn't get lost and I even directed us in the mostly correct direction. Rock on!

3. Finished reading the coveted 100th book for the year. Which means that I've reached my goal. What am I going to do over the next 6+ months?
Book #100 - Black Hills by Nora Roberts - If you have nothing nice to say about Nora Roberts' books you can at least mention that they're well written. They're engaging. They're fun. You get into the swing of reading one and have a hard time putting it down. And this is a very, very good thing.

Fortunately for me, this was a good book. Lil and Coop were dynamic. They both had issues to work through and they both did exactly that. Plot? Childhood friends Lil and Coop grew up and fell in love in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Time and pride and the different paths their lives were heading made them part ways, but neither has forgotten the other. When Coop settles back into the old homestead to help his grandparents out, he and Lil begin to rekindle the feelings they've never let go of. To make things super exciting, a serial killer is targeting Lil and the animals she protects at her wildlife refuge. Because working through a decade of broken hearts and bruised feelings isn't hard enough. Two thumbs up.

4. Shipped Cole off to his friend's house for the night. That means I can put in a late night writing session without bitching at the boy to turn down the TV, dammit, because I can't concentrate.

5. I did end up watching Iron Man last night, btw. Loved it! I'm totally looking forward to having an IM/IM2 marathon once the second comes to DVD. That will completely blow my mind. With explosions. And shiny things. And Tony Stark. Yum.

And that is all.
Move along. Move along.