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Yeah. It's not on here.

I am currently making plans to see Iron Man 2 tomorrow. *high five* I'm a teeny, tiny bit excited because I have a little bit of love with the trailer when Tony sticks his hands in the portable suit and it crawls up his arms and body and he's all IRON MAN! Yes, I know that sometimes I need to get out more. Whatever. I'm cool with myself.

Speaking of getting out more, I wrote a measly 500+ words on the burning plot bunny today. I really meant to get more writing done over the weekend but it didn't happen. However, I'm happy to say that I've written every day since the burning plot bunny forced me to start writing it. That makes me happy.

Cole and I went up the pool for a bit today. I did some serious sunscreen slathering. I am committed to making sure I stay pale this summer.

Okay. I'm done. I have some writing to do. :)