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Stock-quote-Clowns will eat me

It's not like I ...

I went with malkovich03 to her mom's house for a barbecue today and I might (or might not) have done some drunken tweeting. I'm just saying. Once again, I'm not actually saying this happened, but here's the proof on both my twitter and Mal's (the latter was when I totally stole her phone and tweeted without her knowledge).

I'm extremely tired right now, so this is probably going to be short.

I wrote another 500 or so words this morning on the burning plot bunny. It's definitely moving forward with leaps and bounds. Hopefully tomorrow I'll close out chapter 3 and get a start on chapter 4. Lacey was given the first half of chapter 1 to read just because I needed someone to share it with. Hopefully she'll remember that it's in her car.

*blink, blink*

Tiredness setting in with a vengeance. My fingers are beginning to refuse to hit the correct keys. That's never good.
I'm out.