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Something about this feels off ...

Holy Hannah, it was hot today. There was sweat. And standing around waiting for school to end. And more sweat. I DID NOT FIND IT ENJOYABLE! Due to the overwhelming hotness (not hotness, like, OOOOOOOH! He's HAWT! It was just damn hot!) and the fact that it was the last day of school, Cole and 4 of his friends hung out at the pool for a bit. I think I might have a sunburn. I hate sunburns! Hate them! How can I be all gothy and pale when I'm red? Or tan? No! Just, no. I even put sunscreen on. A lot of it. Curse my fair skin. Cole is also looking pinkish. Just on his face and shoulders and back. *wry look* In other words, everywhere.

Anyway. I plan on starting chapter 3 of the burning plot bunny tonight. I do not plan on staying up until 2 am to finish it. However, what I plan and what actually comes to pass don't always coincide so we'll see if I'm a Zombie tomorrow.

Werewolves! FTW!

And now I've run out of scintillating things to journal about. Because how much I sweat during the day is the most interesting thing ever, right?