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Guys, I feel like a full time writer today. I wrote chapter 1 of my burning plot bunny last night. It took me until 2 am to finish it to my satisfaction but I wrote it. It clocked in at just under 3100 words. So, just so I can make sure I'm doing the math correctly, it took me FIVE HOURS to write 3100 words. 8 pages. That's good for me. Except that I stayed up until 2 am and I'm exhausted right now.

But that was last night. Today I wrote chapter 2. A smidge over 3300 words. Another 8 pages. I've been working on this on and off all day. ALL DAY. And I'm still exhausted. My outline is keeping me on track and chapter 2 didn't even end up containing all the elements I originally outlined for. Which means that chapter 3 will pick up those poor forgotten babies and spank them into submission.

Did I mention that I'm exhausted? I am.

I will say that it's truly amazing when a story falls out of your head like this. It ripples and flows and has a life of it's own. Lovely.

So. That's what I did today. I wrote. A lot. I also slept because the 3 1/2 hours of sleep I allotted for myself just weren't cutting it.

Tomorrow's the last day of school.
Uggh. I might have to entertain the kids at some point.

Done now. Still exhausted.