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Books-SK-Bad Moon Rising

I won't take a genius to get this far ...

Okay, guys. The plot bunny that's been burning with fiery resolve in my head all day today has been outlined. In it's entirety. 19 chapters. Possibly more if the chapters end up being too long and need to be broken up. Will it get written? I have no idea. I'm going to put forth a resounding YES right this moment, but things don't always work as I plan. However, I've outlined an entire story. An.Entire.Story. On paper. Usually I just outline them in my head in a really haphazard way and hope that I have enough plot to make it to the end. NOT THIS TIME! I'm turning over a new leaf. I am!

In fact, as soon as I finish up here I'm going to buckle down and write at least the first chapter. I already know how it's going to start, why not get to it?

In news that does not involve squishy parts of my brain, tomorrow I volunteered to drive Cole and a couple other kids in his class to the Aquatic Center for their 5th grade field trip. I'll drive them there at 9, leave and turn around to pick them back up at 1. Sweet.

I'm going to go start that story.
Wish me werewolves!

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wha wha what?! that's fantastic! good work, and enjoy the field trip tomorrow!

Thank you! Chapter one has been written in it's entirety. It boiled up out of my brain like lava. It was wonderful.
I blame you, of course. As always.

you are so not going to like my novel. it's not supernatural in origin at all. it's going to be a huge time suck for you. i'm sorry :(

Dude. I don't always read paranormal type stuff. I swear.
As soon as I get past the bulk of what's boiling around inside my head I'll switch over to your novel. Right now I feel like I'm riding a great big wave of muse driven wordiness. I'm almost afraid to get off it.

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