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Stock-Book-Once upon a time

They'll come at us with everything they've got ...

I was doing a wee bit of the yoga earlier and Cole was all "Hey, Mom! You should totally try this pose!" and then he twisted himself up like a pretzel in the way that flexible 10 year olds can. I was all "OKAY!" BAD IDEA, PEOPLE! Bad freaking idea. I have a charlie horse in my leg that going to apply for it's own zip code soon. Dammit!

So other than permanently injuring myself, I helped Heather move her various things back over to her apartment today. We also had to do some grocery shopping because she threw out all her perishable foodstuffs since she wasn't going to be home for 2 weeks. I told her that I was going to tack "personal shopper and pack mule" to the bill I'll be presenting her with. I was only kinda kidding.

The moral of this story is that Heather and Hailey are back in their own home and beds and that means that I get my bed back to myself! Yay! Double yay!

I also finished a book.
Book #99 - Dark Legend (Carpathians #8) by Christine Feehan - Umm, apparently book 7 is just a short story in the After Twilight anthology. That sort of numbering makes my head hurt. Anyway. I really did enjoy Gabriel and Francesca's story, I just had a really hard time sitting down and reading it for any extended length of time. This book took me forever. for.ev.er. Like, a freaking week. Terrible. That said, I thought that Francesca's sacrifice in withdrawing from the other Carpathians made sense after she believed her chance with her lifemate had passed. The weaving of Lucian's story throughout Gabriel's was interesting and the introduction of Skyler really makes me want to see who her fate leads her to. The story? Gabriel and Lucian are the legendary Carpathian Hunters who disappeared and were believed dead centuries before. Francesca is the an Carpathian healer who has hidden herself amongst the humans to avoid detection by the vampires. Gabriel rises, finds Francesca and must battle his beloved twin who has given up his soul. Definitely a good story, the writing has improved by leaps and bounds since book #1 but it's still very heavy reading.


Book #99.5 - My Soul to Lose (Soul Screamers Prequel) by Rachel Vincent - I haven't read any of the others in this series but this was a nice introductory short story to get me interested. Kaylee Cavanaugh is enjoying a day at the mall with her best friend when a panic attack hits and she can't stop screaming. Whisked away to a mental hospital, Kaylee knows she not crazy and the shadows she sometimes sees are real. One other girl at the hospital seems to have her own problems that somehow relate to Kaylee's ability. Currently available at eHarlequin for free!

There you have it!