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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

Seriously, I don't even know what I'm talking about.

I'm sitting here reading at my computer, simply enjoying a nicely smutty story, when all of a sudden the STENCH of skunk hits me. Uggh. That's vile. Vile and stinky.

The fam went to Amb's house for a barbecue today. Amb and Phil invited several of their teacher co-workers and their families over and one of the teachers takes one look at my fingerless gloves and goes "Oh, I like those." I was like, "Thanks!" See, mom! Not everyone thinks my gloves look like stripper gloves!

Word on the street is that Heather is going back to her apartment tomorrow. I'll be glad to be back down to myself and one dog in my bed. You just can't understand how terribly I sleep when we're all loaded up with humans and animals. Not to mention that Bailey insists on sleeping right up against my legs.

This is is a random journal. I apologize.

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we had a time last year when skunks surrounded out house and doused us on a regular basis. our cars smelled for weeks.

I think it might be skunk mating season because I've been seeing a lot of those little buggers dead on the side of the road. Either that or they're just as dumb as posts. Lol!

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