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I feel like a fly trapped in a jar ...

I am in no way implying that this really happened, but malkovich03 and I ( and her tag-a-long husband - booyah!) might have gone to the brewery for lunch and I might have had a drink or two or three and I might have been the good type of buzzed where everything is hilariously funny and I might have tweeted a shitload of pictures of Lacey and I wearing my fingerless gloves. Once again, I'm not saying it happened that way, but here's the proof ... the mad wanderings of my fingerless gloves.

Now I'm extremely tired. It also took me FOREVER to type up those captions on each of those pictures. Seriously, people, why do you make such stupid spelling mistakes when you've got your drunk on?

I also introduced Lacey to the wonders of Gargoyle porn, which she almost immediately upon beginning reading informed me was too romancey for her and she just wanted to get to the good stuff. I obliged her by finding a story about a horny ghost. Or something. I didn't actually read it. She just kept going "oh, my" and making me laugh.

And that was my day.
I don't even know how long we were at the brewery. Maybe 3 hours. I think we got there around 2 and got home around 5. Wow. If the German Oompa-Loompa band hadn't been there I'm not sure we would have stayed that long. I'm being serious. There was some form of German yodeling involved. I had no idea that Germans normally yodeled but there you have it.

In conclusion, SNAKEBITE!

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Mad tweeting... check

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