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Stock-photo-Just walk away

I'm so tired of wearing this ...

It's been drizzly and cold today. I kinda liked it.

For some reason I convinced myself that Cole had a field trip this Friday. This is not correct. I'm writing it down so that I can remember that it's on Tuesday. Tuesday, not Friday. And the other field trip that I thought was on Tuesday is really next Thursday. *sigh* My brain is currently non-functioning. It's scary.

Oh, and next Friday is the last day of school.

I really don't know what I'm going to do with the kids this summer. The pool. The library. What else? Whatever it is needs to be fairly inexpensive and somewhat close by. This is making me think too hard.

I was playing around with my iTunes earlier, trying to add some songs to a playlist and such, and Hailey was talking at warp speed at the TOP OF HER LUNGS and I seriously couldn't concentrate. I told her to bug out. She told me no. Nice. It's good to know that I have such power over my fiendish little niece. Although I do think that I got the upper hand when I told her that I was either going to give her kisses or wet willies and she wouldn't know which it was going to be until I did it. She practically ran out of the room. It was great.

Oh, look a the time. I have to badger the boy into getting ready for bed.