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We must consider ...

Dudes. It rained today. Not tons, but enough that everything was wet. Call me silly, but rain this late in the season is confusing to me. I like it, but it's throwing off my internal clock.

I had to play chauffeur to Heather this morning. She had to turn some paperwork in to work and I was the designated driver. See, her surgery came up so unexpectedly that a lot of her leave of absence paperwork wasn't completed before she started her leave. Which sucks, let me tell you. So now we're rushing around making sure that all the bits and pieces are where they're supposed to be.

Today's movie: The Covenant. I didn't finish it yet because both Cole and Hailey were bugging me earlier and I couldn't concentrate on the wonders of Steven Strait and Taylor Kitsch. Yummers. Don't worry, though, I'll make sure it gets watched tonight.

Randomly, I've been reading a bunch of online stories recently and I was figuring out that these "stories" were running in excess of 100,000 words. That's not a story at that point, it's a freaking novel. It's no wonder I haven't finished the latest book that's sitting on my nightstand.

Alright. Cole wants to watch a TV show that matches ancient warriors against each other to see who has the deadliest weapons. Awe.some.

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