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I heard somebody say that today is the day ...

Holy smokes! I just did 45 minutes of yoga and I think my hair is sweating now. I might be regretting this tomorrow (but not as much as I'll forever regret the "going for a run after doing yoga will be FUN!" idea) but I feel pretty good right now. I've found that the key to keeping myself motivated is to convince myself that I'm training to be a ninja. Or a Shaolin Monk. Well, a female Shoalin Monk. Are there such things? Anyway. It appears to be working like a charm because did you see that part about 45 minutes of yoga and sweating hair? Gross. Of course now I kinda stink, but the dogs don't seem to mind so I'm ignoring it.

For the record, today went swimmingly with Heather. At no point did she fall down the stairs. I didn't forget to feed her. She can actually navigate her way to the bathroom on her own. Win-win-win.

I also made Heather take a picture of my OUTSTANDING outfit today because ...

And knee high boots! And my new Fangtasia shirt. And my fingerless gloves that should need no introduction to those of you who have seen their photographic wanderings on Twitter.

I not only ran errands in that awesome outfit, I picked the kids up while wearing it.

I'd like to take a moment to point out that I did indeed enjoy the series finale of Lost last night. I liked the closure we were given. I liked a lot of stuff. I don't think it would have been given the proper sendoff if it had been shorter. However, I'm going to agree with heather13 and point out that the massive amount of commercials were jarring. I swear we had a new set of commercials after every 10 minutes of show. If they had cut down on the commercials the episode would have probably been a grand total of an hour and a half. There were a lot of commercials.

So. Did a lot of yoga, didn't kill Heather, wore some cool clothes, liked the finale. That was my day.

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i'm disappointed that more people didn't get the finale. people are so angry that it's kind of making me sad.

To be honest, I haven't read anything on what people thought about it except for you and Heather. I always need to give myself a little time after something that has so much buildup or I go into overload.

i've read comments from people wanting to burn their dvds sets because they assume that ending meant they were all dead the whole time. and some people thinking they wasted 6 years watching because it was all jack's dying hallucination - as in he died in the original crash and dreamed the whole show.

People need to get over themselves. I always figure that it was more about the ride than the destination. Even if they were dead the entire time (WHICH THEY WEREN'T!), the series was fun to watch. Get over yourself, internet peeps!

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