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Lost-The van that saves us all!

The thing that burrowed into my brain ...

After that long-ass goodbye (Return of the King, anyone?), what the fuck did Dharma have to do with anything? Seriously. I think we could have skipped right over the Dharma years and had the exact same ending.

That said, I did like the episode. The ending was too long. I was starting to get twitchy. That happens with me, though.

Dharma... who knew they were so unimportant. Huh.
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if DI hadn't been there, a host of things would've never happened. ben wouldn't have been there, desmond wouldn't have been there, miles, charlotte, juliet, daniel wouldn't have been there.

plus, there wouldn't have been food.

Okay. I'll give you that. Although it's possible that some of that still would have happened simply because the Others were on the island. Or maybe not. Ha! I think I need to rewatch it.

some of the things could have happened, yes :) but a majority of all those things happened because ben was brought to the island with his father as part of DI.

plus, if DI hadnt've been there, they wouldn't have found the source, wouldn't have hit it and needed to build the hatch. therefore desmond wouldn't have had to miss pushing the button to bring the plane down :)

Damn you and your logic. I concede. You have won this round, Destany, but I will rise again and RULE THE WORLD.

speaking of which, i humbly bow before you and beseech a favor. i need someone who will be honest with me to read this stupid "novel." my husband is apparently too busy. could you do it? ya know, and don't tell me if it sucks; but if it's pretty good, could you shout it from the rootops?

I would be delighted to.
What are you looking for? Just someone to read it? Do you want feedback as to flow and plot? Grammar? I'm not great with grammar, however, I'm good with spotting when tenses go wonky and whatnot.

Email (soulswallo@yahoo.com) me over the file and just lay out the guidelines on what you'd like me to look at. You picked a good time to ask, btw, because I'm 3 chapters from the end of a monstrous 150K word fic I've been reading and I was seriously wondering what I was going to read next.

Agree with Des.

I didn't think the ending dragged. RotK had like 10 endings. On the rewatch, it went by much quicker. It's the 5000 commercials that killed some of the momentum.

I haven't rewatched it yet, but the first time through I JUST WANTED TO KNOW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! WOE! I get impatient.

RotK! OMG! Just say goodbye already and get on the damn ship! Lol!

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