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What was that?

I'm the tiniest bit afraid to look at anything on the internet right now because I really don't want to know what's going to happen on Lost ahead of time. Usually I have fairly good luck avoiding spoilers but I have a funny feeling that I'll have to be extra vigilant tonight to keep myself chaste and virginal.

That said, I might have been posting a few more pictures over at Twitter today just because I can. Okay, that sentence really had nothing to do with the above paragraph, but it did have to do with the internet.

Tomorrow's my first day home with Heather alone. She's getting around rather well (for someone who's partially bionic) but she still needs a spotter when she goes up and down the stairs. Honestly, I have no idea what I'd do it she lost her balance (probably scream and run away) but I'm there none the less.

Cole and I are going to watch National Treasure until his bed time. Wherein I will begin doing the Lost thing.

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Um, who's going to take the picture if Heather falls on you in your fingerless gloves? You will be all squished...

There lies the eternal question: Who will take the pictures? I kinda wish I could manage to get a picture of her coming down the stairs with me (in my gloves) holding out my hands to catch her. It's pretty hilarious.

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