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TW-Gwen-Tough day

I can hear sounds ...

This morning while I was babysitting the old lady (aka: Heather, who has to use a WALKER! HAHAHAHAHA!) I added a bunch more pictures at Twitter on things you can do while wearing fingerless gloves. I think my favorite is the one where I'm attacking Hailey. I just love that you can see my arm, her hands, her knees and the top of her head. Ha!

Completely randomly, we think that one of our neighbors moved out today. Seeing as how my family moved in before any other families and we've only been here a year and a half ... well, it just seemed odd. Of course, the guy is weird so maybe he's just getting rid of all his old furniture and buying new stuff. I don't know.

I finally finished my book. Finally. It took me, like, two whole days!
Book #98 - Dark Fire (Carpathians #6) by Christine Feehan - There was nothing terribly significant in this book plot-wise. It's the classic story of Vampire Hunter meets girl, is hunted by fanatics, makes sweet love. Yes. Classic. Unlike the last book that seemed to progress the overall story arc quite a bit, this one didn't so much go there. The story of Darius (Desari's brother, Book #5) and Tempest and the trials and tribulations they have to face as she is forced to admit that supernatural creatures exist and he is one of them. I liked the book, don't get me wrong, but it felt like it as lacking the big revelation that peppers the other books as to how the Carpathians are going to fight their way from the brink of extinction.

Since I decided to watch the Hellboys the other day on a whim, I ended up watching Serenity yesterday and Pirates of the Caribbean today. Fine, I slept through most of it. I'm telling you, sharing my room with one kid and 2 dogs makes me sleep like crap. The point of this is that I'm having a good time with these random movie watchings.

My brain is now empty.

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Yes, it is blissful. I highly recommend napping as a way of life. *g*

i wish i was kidless enough for naps. my entire day is now spent trying to keep lucas quiet so jim can work.

I have a wonderful couple of hours that are kid free. However, next friday is the last day of school ... boo. I'll have to entertain the kids or something. Yikes!

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