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Stock-Blossoming Trees

What does it look like?

I received the new fingerless gloves I ordered and I've been posting pictures of me ... well, my arm, really ... doing mundane things while wearing the gloves over at Twitter. I'm not kidding, people. Here's proof!

So. Heather's home and I've been cooped up in my room (I typed "tomb" the first time. Hmm.) for the better part of the afternoon with the dogs because I'm a little worried about letting my girls run loose when she's so freshly out of the hospital. I'm having a horrible mental picture of the dogs tearing around the house and bouncing up on the couch where she was lying and causing untold amounts of pain. The dogs are banished to the room. Tomorrow we'll work out something where they can have run of a few more rooms, but for tonight ... my room.

Randomly, does anyone think it's HILARIOUS that Jesse James thinks he's the most hated man in the WORLD? Dude. I think you're shooting a little high. You're probably the most hated man in Sandra Bullock's family. Probably. Unless they have a serial killing psychopath tucked away in a closet somewhere. The most hated man in the world? *snort* Riiight. Because there's no one worse than you right now. Or ever in history. Dumbass.

Okay. I'm going to go read with my new gloves on. And maybe take pictures. Hahahahaha! Yes, I do make myself laugh.

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Just don't wear them constantly. You know where they start to mesh/grow into your skin. Bathrooms....gloves...no go :)

You are speaking words that I do not understand. Don't wear them constantly? Where's the fun in that?

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