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XF-Mulder & the OCD

Put away the pieces to hide the truth ...

I'm so tired that my eyes burn.

Why? you ask. Heather went in for her knee surgery this morning. We're talking about a full knee replacement, guys. I can't even go into what's involved in it because it grosses me out beyond my ability to comprehend. Let's just say that there's a bone saw involved and leave it at that.

So, I went to the hospital this morning after dropping the kids off at school. Heather was already there, going through her pre-op stuff. I sat in the lobby with the friend that was kind enough to drive her there (since I couldn't) until she had to leave to go take care of her kids. After an hour of lobby lounging I was called in to go see H before she was sent in to surgery. Just as the lady is leading me across the lobby my mom walks in. Of course H would rather see my mom than me. So I told my mom to go see her and since I wasn't even allowed to stand in the hallway while my mom was visiting, I went home.

For the record, that means that my hour + of lobby waiting translated into a 2 second wave through the pre-op door. Awesome.

Then I went with Amber and the baby to have some work done on here car. We went out to lunch ...

I took that picture of Ryan while Amb was in the bathroom. What? He was thirsty.

I got home from that in time to pick the kids up from school. We went to Target. I almost forgot to take Hailey to her soccer practice. Oops.

The long and short of all this is that my sister's surgery went very well. The doctors were very concerned that all the scars from her prior knee surgeries would cause some problems when they got in there. But there were no problems and the doc said it was one of the most perfect surgeries he's done in a while. Meaning, I guess, that there were no hiccups or weird happenings.

And that's why I'm tired today.
*exhausted smile*
I'm ready to go to bed. The kids, however, are not. Woe.

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love the picture of ryan! the soda and explanation are hilarious.

You should have seen me setting it up. I was trying to balance the soda quickly and make sure my hand wasn't in the picture in the few minutes that Amb was in the bathroom. Ha! It was pretty funny.

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