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TB-Eric/Sookie-True love sucks bullets

It's where the end of the world has torn ...

First off ... Happy Birthday, debalita! I think you should party like it's 1999! Word!

Second ... Heather goes in for her knee replacement surgery tomorrow. To make a long, drawn out story short, she's going to be moving back into our house for a few weeks until she becomes mobile. This is not a huge deal except it means that she's taking Cole's room and he's relocating to my room for the duration. Once again, not a big deal. Really. She's my sister. She's going to need to stay here for a while. I get that. However, I really don't want to share my room with the kid. I sleep horribly whenever he sleeps with me. Horribly. Me, one kid, two dogs=restless sleep. Blech. Y'all will just have to excuse me if I'm bitchy and out of sorts over the next few weeks.

Third, which ties in with two ... Originally, H was supposed to be at the hospital by 8:15 for surgery later in the day. Early afternoon was the initial assessment. As of today, she needs to be there at 7 for surgery at 10. That would be fine except that I can't drop the kids off until 7:20 at school and the hospital requires that someone be present with her while she's there. Don't ask me why. I don't know. We had to do some creative schedule rearranging to get everything to work out as it needs to.

Fourth ... books!
Book #94 - Dead and Gone (Sookie Stackhouse #9) by Charlaine Harris - The book were the Weres finally go public. And it's about time, guys! Sookie gets drawn into yet another murder investigation, tossed willy-nilly into the middle of an all out war between factions of the Fae courts, and begins settling into a bit more of a traditional relationship with Eric. I don't know how I feel about the Fae. On one hand, it helps explain a lot of stuff about Sookie and her family and the attraction that supernatural creatures have towards her. On the other hand, it almost feels like we're coming to the end of their story (the Fae, that is, not Sookie's) and if that's the case, I'm going to feel like this was a whole lot of story that went nowhere. Anyway. I liked the book. I like how the relationship between Eric and Sookie is progressing. I'm waiting to see where it goes.


Book #95 - Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse #10) by Charlaine Harris - I ended up really liking this book. I enjoyed the glimpses into Eric's life and home. It's funny how I'd always imagined he would be the type to bunk down in some secret, dark, back room at Fangtasia or something. You know, to be close to his livelihood and profits. Goes to show you what I know. I also thought the look at Eric's maker and the relationship he had with him was well done. It's funny how the topic of how a child has to obey a command by his maker kept being brought up in previous books but at the same time it was never really addressed whether it was a compulsion to obey them or just tradition. Yet this book took that topic and made it very clear which way the mystical juju flowed. Maybe it's only funny to me. I don't know. Anyway. Sookie has mostly physically recovered from her torture at the hands of her great-grandfather's enemies (Book #9) but the emotional scars are a little harder to heal from. She and Eric are learning how to work with the blood bond and are settling into a workable relationship. Naturally, Eric's maker chooses now to make an appearance with his newest child. Meanwhile, the Weres coming out party isn't going exactly as they'd envisioned and plenty of people are up in arms about the double life they lead. In the neverending cycle of Sookie's life, she's drawn into pack politics, has to deal with Eric's maker, and finds that it's highly probable that some of her great-grandfather's enemies might not have left the human world behind when the portals were closed. Just another day in the life of a telepathic barmaid.

My Sookie book-reading marathon is now complete!

My teeny, tiny obsession with all things Sookie/True Blood related at the moment might have made me make a new True Blood wallpaper. It's not finished yet, but it's definitely in the works. I might have also been browsing for a few new TB t-shirts. There are a couple that I really, really like but they run about $20 each. The problem I have with this is that my two current favorite shirts (purple skull/dripping heart and a werewolf one) were $8 and $3 respectively. I don't work, people. I have to think with my checkbook on this. Yet, I really want those shorts. Really. I mean, I talked myself out of the 2 $150 collectible dolls based on another of my favorite series. Well, I mostly talked myself out of it. The point it that I want those shirts and I'm having a tough time telling myself no.

That felt very long-winded.
And now I'm done.

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why don't you just make him sleep on the floor? or on the couch? that's a lot of dogs and humans in one bed!

The couch is out just because my mom gets up so early. The floor? Somehow I don't think I could talk him into it. It does get a little crowded with all of us in there. :)

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