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I'd do it all again ...

I have a headache that's sitting right on the back of my skull. Joy.

jenah and kimbrchick popped over for a visit today. They are not the cause of my headache despite my unwieldy segue from one topic to the next. Anyway. Jenn and Kim came visiting and we watched a stinker of a movie. Legion. Let me rephrase that. Parts of it were cool. There were some very cool shots peppered throughout the movie but I wasn't paying close enough attention to really get what was going on from scene to scene. 'Evs. It was more about hanging out with the girls than figuring out what was on the screen.

We talked. We went to lunch. We compared the iPhone to the Droid. We got caught up. We marginally watched a movie.

All in all, it was a good day. Until this headache clawed it's way up from the depths of hell.


I finished a book or two.
Book #92 - All Together Dead (Sookie Stackhouse #7) by Charlaine Harris - I must admit that I like this book quite a bit. The Vampire Summit was as convoluted and twisty as I could hope for. Plus, the Sookie/Eric interactions were as joyfully complex as one could wish. Hee! Okay. Summoned by the Queen of Louisiana to attend the summit as her human lie-detector, Sookie finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into vamp politics. We get some oddly unclimactic revelations about Weretiger Quinn and another brush with the telepathic Barry (book #2). Several things that happen in this book have direct impact on the next few. Which is just one reason I'm having so much fun reading the series in a full-out marathon.


Book #93 - From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse #8) by Charlaine Harris - Picking up not long after book #7, Sookie is drawn into the war between two feuding packs of Weres in Shreveport. It seems like Sookie's always in the middle of one war or another, doesn't it? Trying to understand her blood-bond with Eric while dodging Weres bent on killing her and meeting long-lost members of her family doesn't leave Sookie with a lot of free time on her hands. Another enjoyable outing in Sookie's world.

Okay. I'm tired all of a sudden. Like, whoa.
I think I'll go watch something mindless and fun and zone out.