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TB-Eric/Sookie-True love sucks bullets

I'll just see about that ...

Hey! It's Friday! That would have much more meaning to me if I worked. As it stands it simply means that Cole doesn't have school for the next two days. In fact, I had to work hard at remembering what day it was when I woke up this morning. Sometimes that can be bothersome. The not remembering part. Boo.

Dudes. True Blood. I fucking loved the end of season 2. Like, whoa. As a whole I liked all of season 2 even more than I liked season 1. And I liked season 1. Except for Tara and those other little, teeny, tiny things. Like Bill. Hahahaha. Okay, fine. I really did like season 1 but it didn't hold a candle to season 2, in my opinion. One of the reasons I stopped watching it in season 2 originally was that I didn't like how much it was starting to diverge from the books. But, LO, it didn't diverge as much as I thought it did. I ended up being deeply enthralled by the last few episodes. Love.

Plus, there was a tall drink of Viking flavored water that kept popping up and setting my panties on fire.

*gratuitous Eric-gushing momentarily over*

And in news that shouldn't surprise anyone, I did nothing else today except watch TB and read the 7th Sookie book.

Btw, favorite Sookie/Eric moment: Bill tells Sookie that Eric would have healed just fine if she hadn't been tricked into sucking the bullets out of his chest and Sookie tells Eric that he's a "Big Lying A-Hole" and hits him. I must have watched that scene 15 times and I was still laughing hysterically every single time. Every.Single.Time. Her delivery of "big lying A-Hole" just kills me. Dead. *snort* If I still wasn't weak from my bout of Sookie/Eric hysteria I'd totally hunt down a clip of it and put it up here. But it feels like way too much work at the moment and I'd just end up watching it over and over and over again until I expired from the funny.

Just thinking about it is making me laugh.
Big lying a-hole!

On that note...

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i loved that scene! such a good show

I liked it a lot more on this re-watch than I did originally. Seriously, I was laughing so hysterically during the 20+ viewings of that scene that it was getting a little ridiculous. Hahahahaha!
Big, lying a-hole!

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