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Stock-Book-Once upon a time

Don't look any further ...

I am not proud to admit this. Maybe I'm not too proud to admit this. Either way, I have something I must confess.

I was all set to watch the final episode of season 1 of True Blood this morning when I realized that I NEVER DOWNLOADED THE SEASON FINALE. I watched the 11th ep and then I was left in viewing LIMBO because I'm dumb. Damn myself.

The big question is: Do I skip the season 1 season finale and just plow right into season 2? Or do I attempt to find a viable download (which is nigh to impossible right this moment, dangit!) and pause my marathon until I can watch it properly?


FYI, I did watch the season finale back when it was on TV so it's not like I don't know what happens, but ... I still don't know what to do!

Anyway. I read a book.
Book #90 - Definitely Dead (Sookie Stackhouse #6) by Charlaine Harris - This is not one of my favorite in the series. Honestly, it's simply because I don't particularly care for Quinn. There's a lot of stuff that happens plot-wise that I'm happy with. But Quinn isn't Eric and I'm all about the Eric. Boo-yah! Plot? Sookie has to head out to New Orleans to settle her cousin Hadley's estate. It turns out that Hadley had become a vampire at some point in the near past and the consort of the Queen. Sookie has to sort through a tangle of events and help the Queen out with a sticky problem. She befriends a few witches, finds out some interesting things about her ancestors and makes time with a tiger. Once again, most of the things that happen I found enjoyable. Quinn? Ehh. I'm completely unmoved by him.

I'm skipping back over the Carpathians series for a few books now. Well, maybe just one book. I do have an entirely new Sookie book (#10, babies!) that's still calling to me.

I'm done. For serious.

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Hmmm, let me know how that goes. I could .. perhaps ... find something for you to d/l.

Thank you, kind sir. However, it looks like I finally found a viable one. Yay!

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