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I'm up to the last episode of season 1 of True Blood. Unfortunately, that's one show that I can't watch while the kiddos are present (because of the copious amounts of SEX, people. And the swearing. Mostly the sex though. I have no urge to explain bondage and why some people think drinking blood while having sex is sexy. No, thank you.) so I either watch it while they're at school or after Cole has gone to bed. The good news is that once I finish off season 1 (hahaha! Fight Club flashback! "You wanna finish her off?"), I've only seen ep one of season 2. It's going to be all new to me! Awesome!

I've kinda been in a fog the last few days. No concrete reason as to why, I've just felt out of it in general. To combat this I painted my toes a deep, deep red while watching Eric brood his way through a scene or two of TB. Yes, I do obsess. What's it to you? Anyway. My toes are very sassy looking now. I'm even considering buying some cute open toed shoes to show them off. They are a very serious amount of awesome.

I don't think I mentioned yesterday that my sister has (finally) been approved to have a knee replacement. She fucked up her knee when she was 13 and she's had a slew of surgeries on it. 8, in case you're wondering. 8 surgeries on one knee. No one wanted to approve her for the knee replacement because she's so young. Apparently these knees only last between 20 and 25 years. Meaning that she'll probably have to have a second surgery when she's 50 or so. So, let's think about this ... she's in constant pain, she can't do anything physical because her knee just can't hold up under it, and yet the docs kept saying that waiting another 10 years before doing the surgery was in her best interest. I'm just not seeing it.

So, she's going in next Tuesday and once they're in her knee they'll make the decision as to whether it will be a half or full knee replacement. Yuck. Yikes. She needs it.

Guess who gets to shuttle her to the hospital? C'mon, guess! Okay, I'll tell you. It's me! If I don't get at least a coffee out of this I'm going to raise holy hell. There will be fire and brimstone and things that hurt. Hopefully they don't hurt me.

Anyway. I was so caught up in True Blood today that I didn't finish my book. Don't worry, though. I'm sure it will be finished by tomorrow.

I've said everything that springs to mind.

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you haven't seen season 2 of true blood and you think season 1 has a lot of sex? prepare.

Well, I'm okay with the sex when it's only me watching it. I'm not okay when there are a 10 and 6 year old in the area. But I'm well warned now. I'll be sure to watch it only when the kids are otherwise occupied.

no, i'm just sayin. if you think season 1 had lots of sex, be prepared for 100x more in season 2.

Hahaha! I've watched the first six or seven episodes and you're not freaking kidding! Sexy McSexerton is in town tonight! Whoo!

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