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What will you do about it?

I kid you not, I had a motherfucking list of things that tickled my fancy to talk about today and I remember absolutely none of them now. If only I had actually written that list down. You'd be highly entertained and I wouldn't be wondering what gutter my brain is currently nesting in.

Well. I'm going to spill dark secret #203 for 2010. I tend to tell these secrets often, don't I? Anyway.
Dark Secret #203: I have never bothered to check out Hot Topic (the store). For some reason I was browsing around online the other day and I ended up at their website and HOLY MOSES AND HANNAH AND EVERY BLESSED DEITY UNDER THE SUN! Why did no one tell me that all my clothing needs for the next millennium can be met with one store?!?!? I am appalled at you, flist! Appalled! I can buy all the fingerless gloves and thigh high stockings that my little heart desires! I can buy ridiculous short skirts to go over those thigh high stockings! I can buy frilly little petticoats to make those short skirts pop. Bliss!

I didn't even know I wanted half that stuff until I saw it on the website. Now? Now, I am completely enraptured and enthralled and otherwise giddy to find my way to the mall as soon as possible.

Okay. Book, then dark secret #204.
Book #89 - Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse #5) by Charlaine Harris - Since book #4 was my vampire kink book (what? Amnesiac Vampires just do it for me in the literary sense), this book is always a bit of a letdown. Which isn't to say it's not good. It is. It just doesn't have the hot vampire with no memory. Woe. However, it does have Sookie dealing with her brother's impending Change, a serial killer who's targeting Shifters, a house fire, and some harsh realities about the local Werewolf population. We get introduced to a few new characters that pop up in later books but the basic cast of characters remains the same. In a nutshell, it's another fun addition to the series.

Dark Secret #204: Since I'm knee deep in the Sookie series, I've been toying with re-watching the show. I watched the first 3 eps of season 1 today (I watched season 1 when it originally aired) and I have some things to say ... I still loathe Tara. She's the shrillest, most annoying actress/character EVER! Almost without exception I fast forward through every scene she's in. Especially if Sookie's not in it. I just don't like her. As a continuation of this, the entire storyline with her mother makes me want to heave. Both of them are so uninteresting to me that I don't watch them at all. Fast forward!

I'm not a big fan of Bill in the books, but he isn't terrible on the show. I'm still an Eric girl, but I don't want to throttle Bill as I often do when I'm reading him. He's so damn boring most of the time that it's painful. Give me a bloodthirsty Viking any day. Yum. Sadly, I haven't reached the point in the show where Eric has shown up. It's sad. Very, very sad. Tomorrow, I believe will be the golden day. Wish me Vikings!

Umm, I have other things, but they're all kinda negative. I guess I'll stop here and just say that I do like Sam and Sookie (not together, though) and I love the overall feel that they've given to the show. It feels dark and broody and rundown. Nice.

There you go.

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i hate tara and dislike bill. i'm sooooo glad tara isn't a main character in the books.

Yeah. I really, really don't understand why they made her so damn annoying in the show. Blech.

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