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Books-SK-Bad Moon Rising

They don't love you like I love you ...

I seem to be in a bit of a mood tonight. I couldn't even tell you why. I just am. Whatever. I'm sure I'll get over it.

About 2 hours before we were supposed to have peeps over for a Mother's Day/Grandma's birthday barbeque it started pouring. Not little sprinkles, mind you. Full on, driving rain. The type that you stand and stare at because you can't believe that it's really raining that hard. It was surreal. It didn't last long or anything, maybe 10 minutes, but it was brutal while it did. Yes, we still managed to fire up the grill and have our delicious steak. Yum. We also passed the baby around like a sack of potatoes. Amb told us that this was the first meal she and Phil have sat down together for since the baby was born. Yikes.

Anyway. I read.
Book #88 - Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse #4) by Charlaine Harris - This is probably my favorite of the series. You get Eric who's not Eric but still shows flashes of the Viking Vamp we've all come to love. Plus? Bill's in Peru. Haha. I find that amusing. *ahem* Sookie finds herself babysitting Eric after a coven of witches casts a spell on him that robs him of his memory and leaves him stranded near her house. Adapting to having one of the more powerful vamps helpless and relying on her is only the beginning of her problems when her brother goes missing. Several new characters are introduced that have impact in later books and Sookie progresses nicely as she tries to distance herself from Bill's betrayal and move on with her life.

Okay. I'm to grumpy to think up more to write about.