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The fun just never stops!

Oh, man! I was sitting here at my computer thinking that I needed to take the dogs out for their last walk of the evening and lamenting how it could be so light still at 8 when all of a sudden I realized that my one clock had been pushed forward an hour. Hahaha! I totally have hours and hours of fun and adventure in front of me! AWESOME!

In other news, I was totally drooling over some of the stuff in my newest Pyramid Collection Catalog earlier. No, not the sexy, sex stuff. Some of the other things. Namely, this dress ...

Guys, I want this. Bad.
And either these ...
or these ...
Capped off with these ...

I totally have a going out outfit now!

And in completely random news that somehow relates to my new clothing obsession, I was looking at earrings and bracelets earlier also. I love, love, love all the Celtic knot-work jewelry. Which kinda makes sense since I have a freaking Celtic knot tattooed on my back, but that's neither here nor there. Because it's on my back. Ha. Yes, I do amuse myself. Thank you for asking.

What I'm trying to say here is that it's probably a really good thing that I'm kinda broke right now because I'd be buying things left and right if I weren't. Did you see that outfit up there? AWESOME!

I finally finished my book. Yay!
Book #83 - Dark Magic (Carpathians #4) by Christine Feehan - I really do like this series! Really. I'm just having such a hard time with it. I can read a few chapters and then I have to take a breather and rid myself of all the OMG!ANGST! before stepping back to it. *deep breath* I'm still of the opinion that the reason this series feels so claustrophobic to me is that the relationships are so intense. The two leads don't exist outside of one another. The woman is repeatedly asked to submit to the man. Not just sexually, either. She is expected to step back and let the big strong alpha male take care of her. I'll admit that there are times that I enjoy reading that and then there are times when I want to slap the girl silly because OMG!GET A FREAKING BACKBONE! I know what you're thinking, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS, WOMAN! Well, pfft. That's the way I want it. Ahem. Here we have the story of Gregori and Savannah. Gregori is the dark healer who is feared by both Carpathians and Vampires alike. Savannah is the daughter of Mikhail and Raven (Dark Prince (#1)). Fearing joining Gregori as his lifemate, Savannah fled to the US. Afraid he'll lose his soul and become the Vampire he hunts, Gregori has no choice but to claim her. They fight, they have steamy sex (literally, one time), they fight some more, they angst, vampires try to kill them. The end. Hahahaha! Seriously, though, there is a good amount of set up for future goings on. Once again, I like the book. I like that every book progresses the overall story line of the Carpathians. I just wish I didn't feel so wrung out after reading every few chapters.


Book #84 - Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) by Charlaine Harris - Dudes. I keep getting this little mental snippet of Bill from True Blood drawling Sook-eh every time he says her name. Nice. Kinda annoying, also. Anyway. Sookie's a telepathic barmaid in Louisiana. Bill's a vampire. They meet. They make sweet love. There are a few murders. Sookie meets more vampires. Basically, Sookie gets drawn into the world of the Supernaturals and finds that she fits right in. FYI, I'll try not to go all Bill-bashing-crazy, but it's going to be tough because I'm an Eric girl all the way. Yum. Honestly, the book doesn't have much in common with the TV show besides the basic premise and the characters (not even all the characters, mind you). It's an easy book to get through and you don't have to strain your brain trying to figure things out. For the most part.

Have I said enough? I think so. The Vampire Diaries will be on momentarily. Gotta run!

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i got the third sookie book from the library today. i'm reading the other book i got first, tho.

It's a pretty good series. Fast, easy to read, likable. Plus? Vampires and Werewolves. Awesome!

i want those gloves!

and thanks for the milk and cookies! i was so hungry...

I want that dress! And those leggings and those gloves! Lol!
I was hoping those milk and cookies would hit the spot. :)

Um those boots are lethal.

Lol! Those aren't boots. The first pic are fierce leggings. The second are lace-up thigh high stockings. Yum.

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