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Heroes-Niki-Game on!

You know that I'll get there ...

I did my babysitting duty this morning. It was cake, people. I got to Amb's house as she was finishing feeding the kiddo, she handed him off to me to go take a shower and HE SLEPT ON ME THE ENTIRE TIME WHILE I READ. Ha! Of course, the part I'm not telling here is that I was actually there to babysit Amber. I just threw the Ryan-sitting in as a bonus. :) Really, though, I was only there for about an hour and a half before they had to leave to a doctor's appointment. The good news is that Ryan is gaining weight (he had lost nearly a pound and that's more than the docs like babies to lose) and it seems like his ear issues aren't since I slammed a door behind him and he jumped like he heard it.

Anyway. I read a book.
Book #82 - Heat Wave by Richard Castle - Yes, this is a book based on the TV show starring Nathan Fillion. Only it's not. It's the book that Castle wrote in the TV show. Confused? Don't be. It goes like this: Kate Beckett = Nikki Heat and Rick Castle = Jameson Rook. More or less. Maybe less. Whatever. I'm confusing myself now. Nikki Heat is a homicide detective and Rook is the award winning writer shadowing her on her cases. They're dealing with murder. It's hot. Literally hot, not sexy-hot. It's one of those easy books that doesn't tax the brain too deeply and you can zip through like something zippy. Engaging fluff is a nice way of putting it.

The last week or so I've been reading a vast amount of short stories online. Not fanfic, but original stories. As with fanfic, some of them are perfectly awful. Painful, even. And some of them ... wow. Some of them are so intricate that I'm enthralled. Some of them put published authors to shame (LJ Smith, I'm looking at you). I should really start compiling the ones that make me giddy because I'd hate to never be able to go back and enjoy them again.

I had more to say at one point, but I've forgotten all of it. All. It's a sad, sad thing, really.