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Birthday cupcakes

I'll save you from the terror ...

Hey, townbros! Happy birthday! I hope you took today and used it hard.

My dog totally barfed all over my bed earlier. Fun stuff. I thought I was done with the middle of the bed barfing when Cole grew out of it, but apparently I was wrong wrong wrong. On the other hand, I've been meaning to wash my comforter cover. And now it's clean.

Do you ever go into stores and the clerks are so freaking nice that it's scary? I took Cole to Gamestop after school and the worker guy was giving us way too much info and just being so friendly that I was trying to think of a graceful way to escape. I guess I just can't help it that my awesome red hair drives men wild with nerdish oversharing on favored games and upcoming releases. Although he did ask both Cole and I if we were both gamers. For some reason that made me laugh.

Speaking of things that we were not, Cole had the first part of his sex ed class at school today. He told me about penises. I was dutifully impressed with all his knowledge. They gave the boys a goody bag with deodorant in it. Awww. My baby's growing up.

I also read a book.
Book #81 - Dark Gold (Carpathians #3) by Christine Feehan - I think this was the first book I ever read in this series back in the day. Good thing, too, because if I had started with book #1 I might have never picked up the others. That said, this is a pretty good book. Aidan is a Carpathian living in San Francisco, far from his homeland and family and desperate to find his lifemate. Alexandria is an artist struggling to raise her younger brother after their parents death. When she is targeted by a vampire, Aidan and she come together and make the sheets steam. In all honesty, as much as I find this series entertaining, it sometimes feels very claustrophobic. The two mains (in any book) are always the be all and end all of each other. If you were to compare them to the couples in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series, I'd have to say that the DH couples fare better because as much as their stories are about finding one another they still exist as individuals. With the Carpathians I don't get that feeling. Still, I enjoy the series for what it is: escapist, sex-fueled vampire stories about men and women who are fated to be together.

By the by, the covers of these books are horrendous. I'll have to put them up at some point so that someone can mock and point with me.

I'm done. *high five*

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Yeah. It was pretty gross. Good thing I had all that experience cleaning up after Cole under my belt. Blech.

Thank you for the birthday wishes.
I did have to work, but the highlight was when it rained during the evening and dropped the temperature by 20 degrees. And then the sunset shown through creating one of the most mysterious rainbows I have ever seen in my life.
I thought that to be trippy for that to happen on my birthday.

Lol! That's a good birthday happening!

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