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Uggh. I slept from 7-8 (meaning I just woke up) and it's hotter than something extremely hot in my room now. I am not enjoying it. I think I need to find someone to help me install the ceiling fan I bought. I'm not saying that it would cure all ills, but it would most definitely be moving the air in my room a bit. That would be a little slice of heaven right at this moment.

The fam went over to see Amb and the wee baby earlier (before my nap). The baby didn't pass his hearing assessment (they think he still has fluid in his ears) so he'll have to go back in a few days to see an audiologist. Amber was a wreck between that news and the non-sleeping last night. I'm not trying to be callous or anything but that's the way parenting a new baby goes. I think I went almost 48 hours without sleep after having Cole. I simply couldn't sleep in the hospital. It sucked. I hated it. I got over it. Those first few days with a new baby are tough, though. Really hellaciously tough.

Anyway. The kiddo curled up on me and was content for a bit. I'm going back over on Tuesday to help Amb out because Phil has to go in to do some random work-related stuff that came up unexpectedly. I've already informed Amb that I will be holding Ryan for the bulk of the time I'm there. I like sniffing that little misshapen head.

I spent a couple of hours prior to that with the friend I haven't seen since junior high. We went to lunch at the brewery (snakebite!) and did some catching up. I love that one of the things that can be said when you haven't seen someone in that long is "So, what have you been doing from high school on?" Ha. What have I been doing? Working long ass hours, going mental, quitting my job, becoming happier, writing. All the good stuff. She's had an interesting life, though. She's a certified mortician who's going back to school to be a teacher. O_o She even whispered "I see dead people" to Cole in a creepy voice. That cracked me up. Hard.

Okay. I'm hot. The dogs are licking my leg, which is weird. I'm done. Done, I say!