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John's Ass

Gotta find a way ...

At long last I have a new baby nephew. Yes, Amber finally had the baby. 10 days past her due date, the kiddo was born at 3:05 this afternoon and weighed 8 lbs 12 ozs. What a moose! They named him Ryan. Awww. I missed the birth. I had to go pick Hailey and Cole up from school and since neither of them are siblings of the baby in question, they wouldn't have been allowed in the room to see him after. So, I missed seeing him born but I did get to see pictures. I had the pleasure of watching Amb pain her way through the middle part of the contractions. I tweeted about that, btw. Dude, watching someone experience labor is painful to watch. It kinda makes me want to never have kids again. On the other hand, it's quickly forgotten when you're the one actually doing the laboring. I guess that's a good thing or we'd be a civilization that's slowly dwindling.

I don't really know where I was going with that.

In other news, Heather and I saw a car on fire on our way to the hospital this morning. It was a pretty awesome day.

Yes, I have had a lot of coffee. Why do you ask?

By the by, I gothed myself out today for the hospital. Not really for the hospital, that just happened to be where I ended up. I have the cool hair, I did the makeup thing and I wore my funky new black shirt with a purple heart that turns into a skull. AWESOME!

Also, I want another tattoo. I told Amb, Heather and my mom that we should get matching tattoos to commemorate the birth of the baby. Weirdly, the only one who agreed was my mom. O_o I don't want to have a matching tattoo with my mom. No offense, mom (although you don't read this), but I'm pretty sure that my idea of permanent body art and your idea are not one and the same. Come to think of it, I can't imagine her getting a tattoo at all.

Once again, I don't really know where I was going with this.

Anyway. I didn't read today. Well, I did, but not enough to finish a book. Don't worry, though, there's always tomorrow.
And on that note, I'm out. My dogs need some walking.

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