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Books-KH-Black Magic Sanction-Rachel/Bis

We're going to have to think about the consequences ...

Day 8, no baby. Amb's doctor told her that if she hasn't gone into labor by tomorrow night she can check herself in to labor and delivery at 7 pm and be induced. Awesome? I guess. I guess I was lucky (although it didn't feel that way at the time) that Cole decided to appear on time. If I had gone a week plus past my due date I probably would have killed someone. Literally. It would have been messy and bloody and there might have even been severed heads. That's very serious stuff, you know.

I had my hair done today. I swear to you that the dye was HOT PINK when my stylist was putting it on. I was all "Okay. I'm cool with pink." but once it was washed out it become this funky reddish black. I'm sure it will fade out in a day or two to reddish brown but I'm pretending I'm a full on goth girl tonight with my funky reddish black hair. The unfortunate thing is that my scalp is also a lovely shade of red. The things I go through for cool hair. The red scalp thing will be gone in a wash or so. It's just kinda annoying.

Don't worry, guys, I totally read a book today. :)
Book #78 - Kiss of Death (The Morganville Vampires #8) by Rachel Caine - One of the things I really like about this series is that it's not horribly angsty. The conflict tends to come from outside sources and imminent death rather than WOE, MY BOYFRIEND IS CHEATING ON ME! Which isn't to say it doesn't crop up from time to time, but it's kind of a nice change from some of the other books I read. Picking up from book 7 when Michael was approached by a music producer to record a demo, the gang heads out to Dallas on the road trip to end all road trips. With Oliver as a chaperon, they end up taking a side trip to an out of the way town, accused of murder, kidnapped, and thrust into the middle of a vampiric uprising. Claire continues to grow as a character, often stepping into the role of mediator and leader unconsciously. As a whole, the gang works well together despite the jabs they take at Michael's undead existence. As an aside, Myrnin is easily becoming one of my favorite random characters. I'd love to have back story on him. Love it.


Book #79 - The Demigod Files (Percy Jackson and the Olymipans) by Rick Riordan - A collection of 3 short stories and a handful of "interviews" with various demigods from Camp Half-Blood. The stories were cute, and a nice addition to the series, but the book took me a total of about 45 minutes to read. I would have liked something a little more substantial for the price I paid for it.

I finally remembered to set my DVR to record Happy Town tonight. It sounds like it'll be something fun in the vein of Harper's Island and I am so in the mood for murder and mayhem.

I didn't do any writing today. But that new story will NOT leave my brain. I have random tidbits popping up every so often and I'll think "OMG! That would work so well! When can I fit it in?!?!" I love it when stories do that.

Okay. I'm done.

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happy town reminded me of twin peaks ... without the weird quirks. i'm a fan.

I watched it this morning and I really liked it. Am I wrong in thinking that I read somewhere that it's a limited series like Harper's Island was? As in, the story line will be wrapped up in x amount of episodes and that's that? Or is going to be an ongoing series (if it doesn't get canceled)?

i don't remember reading that it was a limited series. but i could totally see it being one.

I just did some googling and I don't see anything that says that. I must have made the leap from "Harper's Island-esque" to "limited series". I love how my brain keeps me hopping.

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