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It's never enough ...

4 days past her due date and my sis still hasn't had her baby. I've become impatient now. It's almost as if the child is mocking how much we want to hold him. Little booger.

Hailey had her second soccer game of the season this morning. They lost, but Hailey was named MVP of the game by her team. She was a little dynamo out there. Zip here, zag there, she rocked it. I missed most of the game because one of the moms was giving me tips on good Droid apps and I was totally enraptured by them. FYI, Where is one of the coolest apps I've run across. What can't that thing do? Nothing, that's what.

I also had a flash of an idea for a new story. Let me rephrase that - I had the binding idea for a story that's been rattling around in my head since I first decided I wanted to be a writer. I couldn't figure out how my main character would be weakened when we first run across her at the beginning and it was there in all it's unfettered glory today. It was almost scary how completely it worked. Anyway I wrote about three pages on that today. It's dark. Really, really dark. Even for me.

I also finished the book that was killing me slowly yesterday.
Book #73 - Acheron (Dark-Hunter #16) by Sherrilyn Kenyon - This book covers Acheron's life from the first assassination attempt on him before he was born up until it catches up with the current Dark-Hunters. The first half of the book is brutal. Ash is sold into slavery and prostitution, betrayed by everyone who should have protected him, tortured ... the list goes on and on. I had a hard time reading about his abuse as a child. A very hard time. However, knowing that he turns into an honorable man after all that made me need to read his story. And seeing how Artemis betrayed him was heartbreaking. Sherrilyn Kenyon makes it believable that he survived all that to become the defender of humanity that he is in earlier DH books. It helps you see why he's so loathe to let people close to him or even to touch him. It helps you see why he's so terribly solitary.

By the time the second half of the book rolled around, I was an emotional wreck. The tone of the book lightened up exponentially once Ash was in the present. His foil is Tory, one of the minor characters from book #11 (Dream-Hunters #1), who has grown into a brilliant young lady who is as obsessed with finding Atlantis as her cousin was all those years before. Since finding Atlantis would unleash the wrath of his Destroyer Goddess mother, Ash sets out to discredit Tory. In the end he has to trust her with his past before he can move forward with her into a bright future.

I wouldn't recommend reading this book without being invested in the series. As good as it is, a lot of the emotional wallop comes from knowing Ash and the men who serve under him. It was really nice to see how his men rallied around him when he needed them, but (once again) you'd lose some of that if you read this book before knowing how isolated he's been in previous installments.


Book #74 - One Silent Night (Dark-Hunter #17) by Sherrilyn Kenyon - After that brick of a last book, this one was cake. Good cake, but still cake. Stryker is the adopted son of Apollymi, the Atlantean Goddess of Destruction and Ash's mother. He's been fighting to destroy Ash and the Dark-Hunters since the beginning of the series, plotting behind Apollymi's back to kill her beloved son. Knowing that it would mean his own death, Stryker summons War and makes him flesh to unleash him on Ash and Nick, Ash's best friend and (fairly) newly turned Dark-Hunter. Just to complicate things, Stryker's 1st wife (he believes she has been dead for the past 11 centuries) appears with orders from Artemis to kill him. Yikes. There's a lot of new info thrown around regarding the Powers that are higher than the Gods and those that police them. It sounds terribly complex, but it really adds another layer to the entire mythology of the series that Sherrilyn Kenyon has been hinting at over the past several books. It was interesting seeing Stryker in a different light. Obviously, he's a bad guy. He kills without remorse but he has a code of honor that he sticks to that's intriguing. Nick's story deepened with this book, as well. I'm simply itching to get my hands on where he ultimately fits in to the grand scheme of things.

I am a wee bit worried that I only have two more books in this series. What am I going to do once I finish them? What? Tell me!

Okay. I think I'm done now.

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Isn't there a new series coming out this year? The Chronicles of Nick, or something like that? That's all about Nick and how he became the man who he is now?

Indeed there is. It's a young adult series, but I enjoy reading young adult and I'll totally be there when it comes out.

lucas was almost a week overdue :) and they had to take him out of my body by force. if i hadn't had a c-section, i'd probly still be pregnant today.

Oh, God! That would be a damn long pregnancy! Both Heather and I had our kiddos on their due dates so we were hoping we'd be batting 1000 in that regard. However (as I mentioned to Jenn in an earlier comment), only 5% of babies are born on their due date. The odds were really against it happening for all three of us.

Still, I'm getting antsy to hold the little man. And I'm sure my sis is ready to get it over with and be done being pregnant.

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