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DH-Whiskey-Blue flare

It's alright ...

No new baby yet. What is with the kid? *sigh*

Cole's spending the night at a friend's house which means that I have 2 dogs and a whole lot of time on my hands. What am I doing with it? A whole lot of nothing. I mean, I am reading my book, but it's such a doozy of a book that I think it might take me a day or two to get through. Mostly because of the subject matter. But, dammit, I will get through it because I want to know how Ash's story ends. Well, not ends-ends, but where it ends up. You know?

Anyway. As I mentioned yesterday I was drafted into driving for Cole's field trip today. It was a short one, just up to one of the local high schools for the kids to run the mile for the Presidential Fitness thingy. It was foggier than all get this morning, too. Like, whoa. The point of this long winded paragraph is that Cole ran the mine in just under 10 minutes. They had to do it under 11.5 so I think he did pretty good.

Yeah. And that's pretty much it.
I'm going to go read until I need to take a break for a bit and then I'll write for a while. And then I'll read again.
I rock.