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I'm coming up on my 2000 entry here in good, old LJ land. Sweet.

My sister is 2 days past her due date and I still don't have a new nephew to cuddle. What's that about? I was sure that last night was the night. Alas, no. However, there's still tonight. And tomorrow. And the day after that. She'll be induced on the 30th if the wee one hasn't put in an appearance. For the record, Amb was 2 weeks late. My mom says that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. hahahahaha! I'm so evil.

In news that does not involve my sister and her ponderous belly, I totally cleaned the carpet in my room this morning. Totally. I was working that bad boy. The handheld cleaner we have isn't fun to use. I think the next time I get the urge to clean the carpets I'm going to rent a full-size push cleaner from Home Depot or where ever you rent those from. Word!

Yes, I did read today. I have an image to uphold. Or something.
Book #71 - Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter #13) by Sherrilyn Kenyon - This was the book I sorta skipped over yesterday. I'm still not sure how that happened. Ehh. It's cool. So, we have an interesting blend of pantheons in this book. Obviously the Greeks are there but we're introduced to a few of the Sumerian Gods and the evils that they fight. Sin, a former God who has been stripped of nearly all his Godly powers, has been fighting the gallu (closer to the idea of a traditional vampire than the Daimons that the Dark-Hunters usually fight) as a Dark-Hunter for a very long time. His reputation for being creepily psychotic and a menace to those around him has Artemis on edge and she sends down Katra to keep an eye on him and kill his if needed. Once Kat understands the creatures Sin's fighting, she begins to help. They get naked. Some revelations about Kat's parentage are dropped. Of course, if you had been paying attention in earlier books you probably would have seen that revelation coming, but it's cool. You're given more info on Ash and his relationship with both Artemis and Apollymi, both of which have moments of being heartbreaking. Really, I'm almost dreading reading Ash's story because it's going to kill me. I just know it.


Book#72 - Dream Chaser (Dark-Hunter #15 and/or Dream-Hunters #3) by Sherrilyn Kenyon - I really ended up liking this book. Xypher was introduced in book #13 as a Skoti Dream-Hunter who was condemned to Tartarus for all eternity for crimes against humanity. Kat bargained with Hades for Xypher's release back into the human world in exchange for information about the gallu they were hunting. However, Hades put the condition on his release that he would only have 1 month before he had to return to Tartarus and his punishment. This book opens with Xypher starting his one month of freedom, running amok of demons, trying to get into the Atlantean hell dimension to kill the Spathi who betrayed him and finding himself bonded to Simone Dubois. And by "bonded" I mean that their lives are bound together- if she dies he dies and vice versa. Overall, the book was a solid entry in the Dream- and Dark-Hunter series. Admittedly, after all the torture and betrayal that Xypher was put through he forgives and turns his life around very quickly. Does it work for the story? Yes, it does. Plus, there were a few new characters introduced that I thought were very intriguing and a few questions regarding minor characters that disappeared in previous books which were addressed.

The next book is a monstrous one. I think it covers eleven thousand years of Gods and demons and humanity. That's a lot of history to go over in one book. I'm ready for it, though.

Oh, and Cole volunteered me to help out with his field trip tomorrow. It's not too bad because it's only an hour and a half long (going up to the high school so the kids can run the Presidential Fitness mile) but I have a book to read. A very serious book. *nods*

Okay. I need to get ready for my Thursday night shows. Also, my typing sucks.