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John's Ass

That is a dream ...

Wow. I got nothing done around the house that I was planning on doing today. Nothing. Wait. I did make a delicious breakfast. It wasn't technically on my list, but it should have been. It was just that good. I also did about 15 minutes of yoga this morning and I'm planning on doing another session (or whatever you call it) once I'm done here. That's a good thing. Still, I didn't do any of those other things. Like cleaning. Oops.

In baby news, Amb is still hanging in there. She's feeling a bit off this evening, though, and I have a funny feeling that the wee lad is about to make his grand entrance. I'm getting a little excited to find out what they're actually going to call the kiddo. Plus, once I meet him I can give him his own nickname. Hailey is 'Bug' and Cole is 'CoCo'. Sometimes he's Coley Guacamole. Family members can be so darn mean to their kids. Ha!

I might have read a book or two...
Book #65 - Seize the Night (Dark-Hunter #7) by Sherrilyn Kenyon - I feel like sometimes I say the same things over and over again in my reviews but one of the most impressive things (for me at least) is how the issues that each of the main characters face aren't recycled book by book. Yes, the Dark-Hunters are all emotional wrecks for the most part but they have to overcome their particular phobias each in their own ways. Plus, the outcome isn't always the outcome I'd expect. I mean, they don't all just *poof* become human (as in book #2) and live happily ever after. Sometimes they become Gods. Or whatever. I like it. So. Here we have Valerius and Tabitha. Tabby is the twin sister of Amanda, Kyrian's wife from book #2. Valerius is the Roman General who is the grandson of the man who executed Kyrian in ancient Greece. Needless to say, this makes things tough during family reunions. To top it off, Desiderius (the half-God Daimon who tried to kill Tabby, Amanda and Kyrian) is trying to reform himself and make a comeback by teaming up with Stryker to control the fate of the world. We receive more info on Ash and his mysterious past. We see a lot of the Dark-Hunters from previous books. Thumbs up, baby!


Book #66 - Sins of the Night (Dark-Hunter #8) by Sherrilyn Kenyon - Now we jump over to see more of Ash when he's not acting all Dark-Hunter-esque. Although the story itself revolves around Alexion (a Dark-Hunter killed 9,000 years ago who Ash rescued from unrelenting torment as a Shade) and Danger (a Dark-Huntress), there's a bit of back story given on Ash and Simi and more hints dropped as to what Ash really is. Alexion's story is decent, but I was honestly in it for the Ash bits. Once again, Sherrilyn Kenyon took the ending where I wouldn't have expected it to go but she made it a good ride.

Apparently, I'm five books behind in this series. That would be five books that I don't own. I have another two that have been sitting on my shelf for quite a while that I've been putting off reading because it's been so long since I read the beginning of the series. Which, as you can see, is no longer a problem since I've been burning through these books with the power of the SUN! Anyway. I bought the five I'm missing today. I think the series is up to 18 books or something. AWESOME! I even bought three from the sub-series that I'm not thrilled with but I had to have because OMG! I'm reading the whole damn series. Yes, I am!

Yeah, I have a tendency to throw myself whole-heartedly into reading a series. I can't get enough of them. I even reach the point where I scour the author's website for free short story downloads or anything else that will feed the fucking addiction.

Fear me.
Okay. Now that I've shown the frightening stalkerish side of my personality, I'm going to go browbeat Cole into getting ready for bed.