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Stock-Blossoming Trees

It's almost as if ...

No baby yet. My mom told Amb that tomorrow's not good for her, so I guess she'll have to cross her legs tight if she goes into labor tonight. Ha!

In other news, Home Depot was having a sweet sale on their plants for Earth Day/Week and my mom and I went there this morning and bought a bunch of fun plants. Herbs, tomatoes, peppers. You know, the yummy fun stuff. I spent an hour or two planting once we got back and our patio is looking pretty sweet. Almost all of our flowers are in the first stages of blooming with lots and lots of buds waiting for their turn. It's like it's Spring or something.

You know, there's something satisfying about having dirt under your fingernails. The splinters weren't as fun, but they didn't break me too badly.

I did read today. All I'm going to say here is that the more I read the faster I read. I apologize to everyone.
Book #62 - Dance with the Devil (Dark-Hunter #4) by Sherrilyn Kenyon - This is the book that made me go from liking the series to becoming a weeping mass of girl who had to read all the books in the series! OMG! Zarek is heartbreaking. His story is horrible and awful and it's written beautifully. Insane, psychotic, banished Dark Hunter Zarek has lived for 900 years in the isolated wilderness of Alaska. He has no friends. The other Dark-Hunters shun him. He has no reason to keep on living. Yet, he's unwilling to give up. After the events of book #3 (which I haven't read yet on this re-read because I kinda loaned it to someone and I haven't got it back yet), Zarek is marked for death by the Goddess Artemis. Ash intercedes on his behalf and sends a justice nymph to judge him, agreeing that if she finds him guilty Zarek will be put to death immediately. Astrid and Zarek meet. Zarek is obnoxious. Astrid is wise. This book nearly made me cry. It's terrible and sweet and I'm the tiniest bit in love with it.


Book #63 - Kiss of the Night (Dark-Hunter #5) by Sherrilyn Kenyon - A slight comedown from book #4 simply because I loved Zarek's story so much. I really like how Sherrilyn Kenyon keeps introducing new facets to her world. Every book gives you new info and none of the problems (or the solutions to the problems) are consistently recycled. Wulf Tryggvasen is a Dark-Hunter with an annoying issue - He is cursed so that no human but those of his bloodline remember him 5 minutes after leaving his presence. Cassandra Peters has her own problems to deal with- as the last child of the God Apollo's cursed bloodline, the fate of the world literally hinges upon her both surviving and having a child. The fact that she's an Apollite doomed to die on her 27th birthday (the fact that she's 26 and not pregnant is worrisome) doesn't leave her with a lot of options. The Apollite community is explored in quite a bit of depth and some very tantalizing clues are dropped as to who and what Acheron is.


Book #64 - Night Play (Dark-Hunter #6) by Sherrilyn Kenyon - We leave the Dark-Hunters as the main characters for a bit with this one and get a peek into the world of the Were-animals. Once again, the way the universe is consistently expanded book by book is awesome. The story of Vane and Bride. One's a Katagaria wolf who has a death threat of the highest order hanging over his head. One's a human woman who's just been dumped by her jerk of a boyfriend. Vane's not used to the human world and Bride has no idea that all this supernatural stuff exists at all. Plenty of characters from previous books put in appearances, which is a nice way to revisit some of those old favorites while not detracting in the least from our two leads. A lot of new characters are introduced who will end up getting their own books later in the series. All in all, a good read.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to get some things done around the house. All those stupid little things that get put off and put off and put off. Well, the time has come for them to get done. I so decree it.

And now I'm done. Later.