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Stock-Books-Lots and lots

A man never knows when he might need to cut.

I woke up this morning feeling kinda crappy. Headache, body aches, the works. Blech. I don't know if it was because I stayed up way too late or what but it was not enjoyable. Anyway. I managed to make it to Hailey's first soccer game (although I only stayed for 15 minutes or so) and get the kids that spent the night here last night shipped off to their respective homes. Then I napped. A lot. I know you might be thinking that I already nap a lot, but this was epic Olympian style napping. Like, the nap that launched a thousand ships. It was awesome. I feel a bit better now but nowhere near 100%.

Needless to say, I read a lot today. Actually, I read a lot last night. Whatever.
Book #59 - Leviathan (The Fallen #2) by Thomas E. Sniegoski - Picking up pretty much where book 1 left off, Aaron has left his home after the deaths of his foster parents and is searching for his foster brother who was stolen by one of the Powers. His journey leads him to a small town where things are not as they seem. The dynamic between Aaron and the Fallen Angel Camael is developed a bit more and some tantalizing hints about Aaron's parentage are dropped. My biggest beef with both of these books is that characters are introduced who die almost immediately. I have to assume that their deaths will be revisited later in the overall story, but it can be jarring when random characters pop up only to be killed in the same chapter. Despite that, I am enjoying the books and I'd be interesting in reading the rest of the series.


Book #60 - Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter #1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon - I've had the 15th and 16th books in this series sitting on my shelf for a while but I kept wanting to go back to the beginning and revisit this world before diving into the unread ones. Well, here I am. I've always found this book interesting because it's technically billed as the first in the Dark-Hunter series although Julian isn't a Dark-Hunter at all. But, boy oh boy, does it set up a lot of mythology. A.Lot. It takes the Greek Parthenon and pumps it up to 11. 11 on steroids. 11 with a side of whipped cream. So. Julian is a Greek demi-God who was cursed into a book as a love-slave for eternity by his vindictive brother. When Grace summons him out the book, both of them get more than they bargained for. There's sex. ish. I mean, there's sex but there's also a reason they can't have sex ... you know, just read it.


Book #61 - Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter #2) by Sherrilyn Kenyon - Where in the first book we were introduced to the different Gods and Goddesses, this book begins to refine the mythology behind the Dark-Hunters themselves. Kyrian was a Commander back when he was alive, fighting the Roman armies, living and dying by his sword. Now he hunts Daimons as an immortal Dark-Hunter, keeping the streets safe for mere mortals. When he is forced to protect a human sorceress who doesn't know she's a sorceress, Kyrian finds himself falling for her hard. What are the odds that an immortal Hunter and a mortal sorceress can make things work?

It looks like things are starting to move along with Amber and the baby-that-soon-will-be. It could be tonight. It could be next week. I figure that either way the baby is going to come along soon. For some reason the rest of my family isn't as prosaic as I. They're all chomping at the bit for things to happen and labor to start.

Okay. I'm done.

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I was actually thinking of you and your family today - and Amber. Please be sure to pass along my warmest regards as she waits and/or goes into labor! :)
Sorry to hear you were under the weather a bit - I hope the napping helped. I actually slept in today until 8:14 - which was heaven after the last week! I did get up at 7 to pee...but didn't stay up! Check your phone for a pic msg from me!

Well, it's Monday evening and there's no baby yet. I have a funny feeling I might have news tomorrow. Something in my gut. It might just be dinner, though.

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