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DH-Whiskey-Blue flare

Words to live by ...

Cole just spilled nearly an entire root beer float across my desk. :/ Then he sat there looking it at like it was going to clean itself up. I sent him to go get paper towels and a sponge while I tried to keep the sticky, sticky goodness from destroying my computer and other sundries. The good news is that my desk is clean for the first time in weeks. The bad news is that one of the books that was sitting here didn't escape unscathed. However, since it's a Vampire Diaries book, I'm not too heartbroken.

In news that does not involve the defacement of books, I did about 15 minutes of yoga today. I'm kinda sore from yesterday (because of my stupidity), but I did it. Dammit. I soldiered through and got it done. I'm the tiniest bit proud of myself at the moment. Can you tell?

Uggh. All I can smell is root beer right now. It's not as enjoyable as you might think.

I finally read a new book (in other words, one that I haven't read already this year) ...
Book #57 - The Struggle (The Vampire Diaries #2) by L. J. Smith - This book was better than the first, but it's still not anything to rave about. Once again, Elena is so damn unlikeable that she grates across every nerve I have. Stefan is becoming slightly less one dimensional, but I really don't see how or why Elena is so obsessed with him. Damon is pretty much the best character simply because he acts in character. He's ruthless and driven by his own desires. He pretty much doesn't care who he hurts to get what he wants. I can respect that. At least he's not a whiny little brat. So. Elena is keeping secrets from Stefan, including the fact that Damon has had himself a little Elena-snack. Now her former friend is waging a campaign to make Elena the school pariah and run Stefan out of town. Or worse. Ehh. I'm not sure I'll be continuing with the series.

Anyway. I have things to do. Like, take my dogs for their evening walk. And read another book. And stop smelling the root beer.
I'm out.

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Elena really is obnoxious, isn't she? Poor little hurt princess *snorts* But Stefan and Damon are worth finishing the books, at least for me - one more to go in the original series.

Obnoxious is one way of putting it. Spoiled, brat, entitled. All words I'd use as well. :) I'm going to give the next a try and see where to go from there.

don't you wish meredith was on the show? and well, you probly want to at least read the third one. i don't wanna spoil, but i got a little bit of giddy joy at the end of the third one.

Since the second book was marginally better than the first and you're recommending that I give the third a try ... I'll do it. I just have to hunt it down. :)

i bought the original trilogy and the fourth book in the two-volume omnibus edition.

If I make it up to the library this week, I'll pick up at least the 3rd. If I don't make it to the library I'll probably end up buying the 3rd and 4th. Go figure.

Why do I have this urge to make "And stop smelling the root beer" into a catch phrase.

Anyways, I am out.
And stop smelling the root beet.

Ha! You can turn it into a catch phrase but I'm going to charge a small commission every time you use it. Because it's just that awesome!

I just realized I misspelled root beer at the end.
Root beet?
Then again it could be my cheap knock off way of getting around the copyright royalty fee for the phrase.
I will start printing out the T-shirts and coffee mugs with "And stop smelling the root beet" on them.

Oh, that is tricksy! Perhaps I will have to copyright that phrase as well!

Sore because of yesterday's stupidity..? What does that mean?! But yay for yoga and what not..! CONGRATS! Dare I hope that we'll be able to swap workout/yoga stories..........?

Well, my journal is somewhat like watching a serialized TV show, you have to start from the beginning to understand what's going on. LOL! I've been doing yoga pretty consistently this entire week and I'm amazed at quickly my flexibility is coming back. Woot!

THAT is awesome! I never knew you were interested in Yoga. You never said anything as I babbled along about any of the stuff I've done with workouts. Or perhaps I was babbling too much..

I've been doing yoga off and on for a couple of years. More off than on, if I'm being honest. I like the stretchy feeling.

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