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Oh.My.God. I did 20 minutes of yoga today. I felt good. I thought to myself "Why not cap off a round of yoga with a quick run?" I am so stupid. I thought I was going to DIE! DIE. DIE DIE DIE! Sure, I feel pretty good now, but what the fuck was I thinking? To make things even worse, the run was (maybe) 10 minutes. With Bailey. Who occasionally forces me to stop so that she can sniff things.

The moral of this story is that I am absolutely not up to that level of physical exertion. I can do the yoga. I can do the run. I can NOT do the two back to back. Yet. Maybe in a few more weeks. Maybe.

I read two books today but they were both read last month also and as everybody who has ever read "Kelly's Rules for Book Counting in the New Millennium" knows, I do not count duplicate books within the same year. However, it gives me the chance to add a review to the books over at Goodreads since I missed them the first time around.

Cole's babbling endlessly about something and I really have no idea what it is. I don't know. It's totally going over my head right now.

I've been slowly catching up on my shows that have been backlogged on my DVR. I think I only have 2 eps of Lost (plus tonight's ep) and the most recent Castle. Considering how much I had at one point, that's pretty incredible.

Alright. I'm done.
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I'm reading this backwards - but I'm getting increasingly excited. ARE YOU starting on the getting fit train?! Cuz...yay!

Just yoga at this point. I hate running. Every time I think it's something I want to do, I run and hate myself afterward. Blech.

And small steps is the way to go!

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