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Psych-Gus is stealth

Don't ever let anyone ...

I spent the bulk of the morning with my sister helping her get the baby's room up and running. Since she's due on the 20th, she figured that there was no time like now. We really got a lot done. We put sheets on the crib and got it all gussied up. We put the clothes that were out of season or the next size up in storage. We put together two port-a-cribs. We found places for all the stuff she received as gifts from the various baby showers she's had. We even went to two different Targets because she wants to pick up a bookcase-type thing. She's knows exactly what she wants but neither of the stores had the color she wanted it in.

Thus, the baby can come at any time now.

I pretty much went straight from helping her to picking the kids up from school and getting them going on their homework. Now, don't tell anybody I wrote this, but I totally fell asleep while Hailey was working on her homework. Like, I woke up and she had a couple of pages done that I had no memory of even seeing. Oops.

I did not finish a book today. The one I'm almost done with is a re-read. I have no idea what I want to read after this one. Something good. Something that tickles my mind. I shall have to scour my book shelves for the perfect book.

In yoga news, I watched about 30 minutes of my yoga video but I only did between 15-20 minutes of actual workout. I just can't do all the reps yet. I have to sit out the last few in each pose. Which is good, I guess, since it says to me that it's engaging my body and making me use muscles that I wasn't using before. Anyway. I'll work my way up to longer. Slow and steady wins the race. Or something.

And that's all.

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50 more pages left in pride and prejudice and zombies!

You can totally do it! <--I'm your cheerleader section!

the sad thing is i'm really enjoying the book, and i m reading it all the time! but 316 pages in 6 weeks? that is sooooooooooooooo not me!

Well, the writing isn't the easiest thing to get through. Which is probably why I haven't tried to read it yet. :)

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