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Cole just tried to BARGAIN with me to not have to brush his teeth tonight. Umm, dude? No. There is no bargaining here. You brush your teeth. End of story. Seriously. I'm dying here. Bargaining to not have to brush his teeth. What's next? Bargaining to quit bathing. Oh, wait. He does that too. And gets the same answer.

Anyway. I'm trying to get back into yoga. This is a good thing, but I could barely do 20 minutes before I was dying. Dead. Uggh. I had to take a break. But I'm going to stick with it because I already feel pretty good and I've only been doing it for a few days. I've got to build up to the flexibility I had before, though, so I'm in the "oooh, the good type of hurt when you stretch" phase of it all. I'm even considering taking Bailey for a run tomorrow. It kinda depends on the weather for that. It's been raining pretty good all day today and it's supposed to keep it up through tomorrow. *sigh* I'm finally feeling way motivated to get moving and the weather is thwarting me.

By the by, my hair is in two pigtails from my yoga session. I look AWESOME!

I didn't read today. I'm still traumatized from yesterday's bad read. I have a book sitting by my bed but I'm afraid. So very, very afraid that the bad book will taint this one. Even though I know it's a good book (I read it this year already, which means it won't count in my overall book totals ... Kelly's Rules!), I'm afraid. No, I'm just kidding. A little. I'm still stewing over the fact that such a crappy book (a) got published and (b) spawned such a FUN TV show. How did that happen? Oh, good re-writes. I get it now.

THE KIDS ARE BACK IN SCHOOL TOMORROW! Thank all major and minor deities!
I am done.

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the vampire diaries traumatized you?

I live in perpetual fear of bad writing. Plus, I think all the talking about it made me over analyze it. I think ... you know what? Yes. Yes, it traumatized me. :/

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