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Freedom is fragile ...

Arrgh! I still haven't put up chapter 5 of the multi-chapter epic. Ehh, I have time. Right? It's not midnight yet!

Besides the fact that I got practically no sleep last night (what's up with the 1 o'clock wake-up where I just sit there and stare blankly without thinking about anything?), today was a pretty good day. BFF Megan is visiting from Washington State and she dropped by with her two boys this morning. We visited, drank coffee, visited some more, went to lunch and made plans to see each other tomorrow. I had a chance to go on and on and on about my 5 year plan for working for myself, preferably in the writing business. Once again, I can't believe how incredibly supportive my friends are of what I'm choosing to do with my life. I'm not surprised by it because I have really awesome friends, but it's humbling that they have such faith in me and my ability to write. Either that or they're all really good at hiding their disbelief that I'd choose to do what I want to do. Just kidding, guys. Just kidding.

I also finished another book ...
Book #39 - Broken (Women of the Otherworld #6) by Kelley Armstrong - We're back with Elena as the narrator and I adore Elena. Adore her. Being the only female werewolf, Elena doesn't have any guidebook to follow when she and Clay decide to have kids. Tamping down her natural instinct to throw herself into the middle of all sorts of danger is only her first problem when a routine breaking and entering job for a fellow supernatural has unintended side effects. You know, the type where serial killing Zombies are terrorizing Toronto? Unraveling who and what has been unleashed becomes critical when it seems like Elena is being targeted by the Zombies. Jaime Vegas puts in another appearance (paving the way for her grand entrance in the next book as the narrator) and the Pack shows up to lend support and help fend off the rotting dead. Yeah, they had me at werewolves and Zombies.

In not quite as thrilling news, I have to drop my car off tomorrow to have a bunch of work done. Boo. Plus? malkovich03 is in Arizona. Good for her, sad for me.

I'm done.

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thanks for the gift! very cute

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