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Turns out I was a vampire myself ...

I have some writing shop-talk to, umm, talk about. All of it is involving my multi-chapter epic that I hope to some day grace with a real title. It's getting hard to type out "Multi-Chapter Epic" over and over again. The title hasn't quite tickled me yet, though. That's not really the point. I have a grand plan that involves crafting this little bit of nothing (I currently have just over 10,000 words written on it) into a full length novel. I roped malkovich03 into looking it over for me in conjunction with the notes I'm jotting down on things to expand and delve into deeper so that I could have an outsiders view on the things that work and kinda work and don't work in any way, shape, or form. Now, I roped Mal into doing this for me, but oddmonster actually asked me if she could help out along those same lines.

Seriously, guys, I have the BEST FRIENDS IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET! The support I'm receiving from those two alone makes me giddy with delight.

Now, chapter 5 is written and typed up (in Word) but I haven't posted it yet because I always have to tweak the formatting when I copy it over from Word and today we had a whole family thing going on and I haven't had a whole lot of time to sit down and work on this type of stuff. Blah, blah, blah. I'm aiming for tomorrow.

For the record, chapter 6 already has a few hundred words written on it.

Here's the thing, I know there's a whole mystery that will be solved and I know the answer to the mystery and I can see some of the places I'm going to mislead and misdirect and ... wait, there's really no thing here. I'm just babbling. I think I'm excited that I can see so far down the road with this story. I know where the twist is. I know how to tie two separate things that are going to happen together. I know, I know, I know. And it's awesome.

I just want both Mal and Odd to know that I'm humbled to have friends who believe in me and are willing to let me use them for my own nefarious purposes. I can't thank you enough and I hope you don't regret offering to look things over and be my sounding board.

If anyone is interested, here are the chapters that are already posted:
Chapter 1 - The Places Between
Chapter 2 - The Dream in Motion
Chapter 3 - These Things Sometimes Crash and Burn
Chapter 4 - Wrong Number

They're all located at my fic journal, bay12_fic. If you like what you're reading and want to see more, feel free to friend it so you don't have to go through my LJ for the latest posts.

Before I forget, those chapters are the un-beta-ed originals. If the planets align and my dream of becoming a professional writer ever takes off those will go through some sort of an overhaul. Mostly because when I started this little story it was supposed to be nothing more than a self-contained snippet. Chapter one was the beginning and the end of it. Except that it wasn't and it isn't and I hope you can look past the flaws that are there and enjoy some part of it.

I really didn't mean to go on quite this much.