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Books-KH-Black Magic Sanction-Rachel/Bis

Lately, I'm filled with silence ...

Dudes. Is it me or has lj (and the internet in general, come to think of it) been slow lately? Not slow, like not loading quickly but slow like not a whole lot going on. Just curious. I obviously have way too much to say and will just keep posting my posts and writing my journal and being my muse's little bitch. Word!

Here's my story for the day. I painted my toes green for St. Patrick's day. Actually, I painted them 2 days after, so it was more for me. Not really the point of the story. I hated the color. Hated it. With the blinding fury of a thousand suns. I have no idea why it took me a week to take it off. Every time I looked at it I wanted to hurl. Barf. So I took it off today and although I was going to paint them red or pink or ANYTHING that wasn't green ... well, I haven't yet. And I still like them better than that nauseating green.

Did I mention that I might possibly have a pub-date planned with the always scintillating malkovich03 on Saturday?. I'd know for certain if she'd respond to my comments or texts. Or if I just called her and talked to her. Where's the fun in that, though? I'd rather be filled with righteous indignation that my BFF doesn't like to return my texts. What a jerk. :)

I also have my other BFF coming down from the Seattle area for a visit at the beginning of next week. Awesome. Since I royally screwed up the last time she visited (by not being here!) we haven't had a good get-together in a while. It's going to be FUN!

Yes. I did read a book today. Thank you for asking!
Book #37 - White Witch, Black Curse (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows #7) by Kim Harrison - The last time I read this book was around this time last year and what a difference reading it back to back with the others in the series makes. Whoa. So much continuity and little things that I felt like I missed the first time around. The bulk of this story revolves around Rachel helping the FIB hunt down a banshee running loose in the city while looking into Kisten's death. Her latest almost-boyfriend takes a step up and then a big step back and another man from Rachel's past puts in a ghostly appearance. There are more and more interactions with Al (which I enjoy immensely) and Trent and she butt heads as usual. I loved the conclusions of Kisten's story. Well, I didn't love it because I liked the guy, but I loved how Rachel was able to honor his memory. All in all, a good book with lots of blood and guts and flaming balls of Ever-After. Sweet!

FYI for oddmonster, I'm re-reading the 8th book in this series which I read earlier this month. According to Kelly's Rules of Book Counting for the New Millennium, I will not be claiming it as another book read. You have a day of reprieve. Take it, my friend. Take it and read the shit out of it!

In writing news, I went back and re-read the chapter I wrote yesterday and I still like where it's going. I added another 800-900 words which brought it more in line with the word count I was aiming for. The only thing that's still make me look at it with perplexity is that I might have to go back and tweak a few scenes from earlier chapters to make the tangent the storyline is heading off to make more complete sense.

It's cool. I can do that.
Okay. I think I have enough time built into my The Vampire Diaries recording to be able to skip all the commercials now.
That means that I am out of here!

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I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I am only four books behind you right now, as I very virtuously do not claim books that are either out to pitch for sites or being edited pre-reviewlaunch, which I know doesn't make sense.

So my tally right now is actually:
31. Wonder Bread and Ecstasy: The Life and Death of Joey Stefano - by Charles Isherwood
32. Out of the Blue: Confessions of an Unlikely Porn Star - Blue Blake
33. Showdown at Yellowstone River - Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks

I'm just sayin'. Also, I don't count books I read for my freelance proofreading gig, so we're even on that score.


Ha! Your rules are just as weird as mine! How did you score a freelance proofreading gig? I need to start making some money or I'll have to get a *gasp* real job. Blah.

we are going to dinner! i've been dreaming of snakebites and blt's. and bartenders/novelists.

Did the reality live up to your dreams?

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