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She said you're okay ...

Oh, do I have a story to tell. A story about coffee and the insanely good deal my mom found today. To start, she works for Pepperidge Farm, delivering cookies and other goodies to the stores around Morgan Hill, South San Jose and Gilroy. She's in these stores more than once a week and she always seems to stumble upon these deals that are way too good to be true. She called me today all in a tizzy because the Walmart by our house has bags of coffee for $2. Two dollars. TWO. For a bag. Not just a bean or scoop. A whole bag. I bought 7 bags. Yes. 7. I have a pantry full of coffee. I should really take a picture of it because it's just that cool.

After my AWESOME coffee buying experience I spent 2 1/2 hours getting my oil changed. It was supposed to take about 1/2 an hour. Hmm. There was a whole air filter issue and the guy delivering it took way longer than we thought he would. Yeah. I'd say it wasn't fun, but I wrote close to 1000 words this morning and finished off the next chapter of my multi-chapter epic. Although it's technically done and typed up, it took such an unexpected turn that I want to go back and make sure that it doesn't conflict with anything I've already written and posted. If it does, there might be some revising of earlier chapters because I like where it's going.

But that's not the point here. The point is that it had been a year since I'd last taken my car in (when I got it smogged in January of 2009. Yikes!) and about 2 years since I'd taken it in to these particular guys (who are great and really, really honest) and it looks like I need to take it back next week to have a lot of little things done to it. As the mechanic put it, it's not all critical (except new transmission fluid and struts on the back tires) but what's the point in stringing it out over a month or two or four? Hell, I've mostly ignored my car for the last two years, I guess it's time to give it some TLC. $1200 worth of TLC. Arrgh.

So, now on top of paying my taxes (which I finally sent out since my mom bought stamps for me), I'm having some work done on my car. Suck. It's needed, but ... suck.

Book #36 - The Outlaw Demon Wails (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows #6) by Kim Harrison - There were a couple of things that I really liked about this book. The first being that there's extended Rachel/Trent interaction and the potential for more given what happens at the end. The second is that we're starting to get some answers regarding what the Ever-After is and how it relates to the non-demon side of the lines. I didn't even know I had questions about the Ever-After until I started getting answers. Which is kinda cool. So, Rachel has to face off against an angry Al who's being summoned from the Ever-After nightly and left to run free. She finds out some shocking truths about herself and her family and has to willingly cross over into the Ever-After to help Trent in his never ending battle to help his people. I really liked the portrayal of the Ever-After. Broken, dying, frozen, deadly. It makes me shivery. Once again, Rachel is being forced to face more of herself and what she is and can do. The mystery of Kisten's death is left more or less alone while Rachel works through her guilt and pain. I'm not sure if it's my absolute favorite in the series, but it ranks up there. Pretty high, too.

Writing, reading, freezing my toes off in my flip flops while I was waiting for my car.
It was a good day.