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Stock-Quote-Fear and spiders

Every moment leaves me gasping ...

Early journal today. Mostly because I had the most bizarre dream and I'm still a little wired from it (even though I had it in the middle of the night) and I ... I don't know. I wanted to get it down on the screen before it slipped away entirely.

Before I begin, I'm scared of spiders. Terrified would be slightly more accurate. I hate the things. I can't sleep when they're in my room, even if they're as far away from me as physically possible within a confined space. Uggh. I can't even look at them. So, why (WHY?) am I dreaming about motherfucking spiders spinning webs on my ceiling and dropping down onto my bed to cart me away for their nefarious purposes?

I woke up in the middle of the night (not long after I'd gone to bed) and I was sure that there were sticky strands of web dripping from my ceiling. I have never pulled the covers over me faster than I did in that moment. They were coming! For meeeeee! You know how you're in that half awake state were your subconscious is still kinda doing it's own thing even though you don't want it to be? I would have sworn that I could have felt the little monsters dropping on my bed to come and get me. With sticky strands of web dripping and twisting and waving above me.

I've had nightmares about Zombies that aren't that scary.

So. Yeah. I have creepy dreams. Creepy dreams that startle me awake and won't let me sleep soundly afterward.

I also finished my book last night.
Book #35 - For a Few Demons More (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows #5) by Kim Harrison - Picking up where the last book left off, Rachel is called in to help investigate when a rash of werewolf suicides doesn't quite add up. Keeping the artifact that she acquired in the last book secret while fending off the Demon Al and trying to wiggle her way out of being a bridesmaid in Trent's upcoming wedding, Rachel may have bitten off more than she can chew. There's a moment at the end of this book where Rachel thinks she's lost everything that is absolutely heartbreaking. She literally throws all caution to the wind and forces her will onto something immense and she doesn't expect to survive it. There's good setup for the next book since this one ends on a bit of a mystery. Trent's plans for the future of his race take a pretty big step forward when he finally meets Ceri. All in all, a good read.

Now that I've hit book 5 in the series I'm at the point where I think I've only read the rest of them once. That's so exciting. I'm not sure if I'm going to plow through like a large, beastly, plowing type thing or flip back over to the Otherworld series. I have two more weeks until the 3rd book in The Darkest Powers series comes out and I want to get back into that world just prior to reading it. Hey. I think I have a plan. Finish the Rachel Morgan series, skip on over to the Otherworld series and get as many of those under my belt before the 3rd book in the DP (which is an offshoot of the Otherworld universe) comes out.

It's good to have a plan.

Which reminds me that I need to finish my latest chapter. I think I know where I'm going to go with it. Excellent. *rubs hands together* Excellent.

Wow. I sure can go on sometimes.
Umm. Is this icon perfect for this post? I know. Scary.

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Noooo! I hate spiders and now I'm going to dream about them tonight too!

I myself have the same fear. Stop now if you don't want to be too freaked out - but when I was 13 I was sleeping in my new room (we had just moved to Denver) and my room was in the basement. Well, I woke up and right in front of my face, on my comforter was a huge spider!! I've never screamed so loud! My parents were freaked of course. Ever since then, been more freaked out about them at night than any other time.

Uggh. Spider-fear. Not enjoyable! I hope I didn't trigger any spider nightmares with this story. :/

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