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It's the fourth best thing I can do!

I've washed my hair twice since I had it dyed and the color still looks gooooood. I'm such a happy girl. It's funny how I always seem to roll back around to the reds with my hair. I might dabble in the blonds and browns (not the black, though, because my coloring just wouldn't work with it) but red has a siren call that keeps me coming back for more.

Book. Me. Book. Reading is good.
Book #34 - A Fistful of Charms (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows #4) by Kim Harrison - When word comes around that Rachel's old boyfriend is in trouble, Rachel does what she does best and drops everything to rush headlong into danger. Her rescue mission draws her from Cincinnati to an island populated by several packs of werewolves who want what Nick has stolen and who aren't afraid to kill to get it. This is the book where Rachel begins to accept that her ability to kindle demon magic isn't bad. If she's not hurting anyone to twist the curse and she's not hurting anyone by casting the curse itself, it doesn't make her a black witch. It just makes her someone who likes to play with dangerous things. Bringing the storyline with Nick back around helps tie up some loose ends and put his betrayal behind her. More or less. There wasn't enough Trent/Rachel interaction for my liking, but I can wait. I can wait.

I was re-reading what I've written for Chapter 5 of my multi-chapter epic (*ahem* chapter 4 - read it. Please. *ahem*) and although what I've written in it so far it something that both needs to happen and needs to happen now, I'm kinda stumped as to where the rest of the chapter is going to go to. Does that make sense? The point of the chapter has played itself out and I'm only 500 or so words into it. That's not a chapter. That's a ... something smaller than a chapter. Now I have to have a long look at what's going to happen in the near future with Maia and her ghosts and decide what I can move forward without making the chapter either excrutiatingly long or incoherent.

Speaking of which, I kinda see why some people wait to post until they have a couple of chapters written (whether it's fanfic or original) because as I'm getting deeper into the story I see that there are some things that either should have been expanded on at the time or simply laid out a bit differently. Yes, I can go back and make changes, but ... oh, bother! That was me expressing mild frustration. I can also see a difference between the first chapter and the following chapters in regards to my writing style. Since the first was supposed to be a completely contained story, I wrote Maia's voice a bit differently than I wrote her later. Bother, again. Once again, fixable. I know that. It's just that it would have been nice to present a story in it's entirety that I wasn't constantly going back and thinking about fixing just so.

Those are my writing woes.

Do you all feel so bad for me? Yeah. Don't. I'm unemployed, I get to read all day long and write until my eyes hurt and my fingers cramp. It's kinda the best time I've ever had!

I'm done now.