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Stock-Book-Once upon a time

a characteristic of ... what?

I totally got my hair re-done today. I told my stylist that I wanted more red than last time. I swear the dye was pomegranate red when she was putting it on my hair. It was insanely cool. Anyway. The color mellowed out once it was rinsed but it is way in the red zone. I'd say dark red. The color of heart's blood. Or something. Here, you decide if I'm accurate with my descriptions ...

I made Hailey take the picture and, just for the record, I hate having pictures taken of myself. I always think I look like the world's biggest goober. So, excuse the stupid half-grin and the fact that I'm not wearing any makeup. But my hair is a cool color and it's in a funky state with a little flip (which I'm not sure if you can see). All in all, I'd consider this a good hair day.

So, I finished last night's book ...
Book #32 - The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows #2) by Kim Harrison - What can I say except that I'm loving this re-read. When a serial killer begins striking down the most powerful ley-line witches in Cincinnati, Rachel is brought in to help the human-run Bureau look at the case with an eye toward someone from the supernatural community. Of course, her investigation takes her within spitting distance of Trent, has her riling up a powerful vampire and getting in even deeper with the demon who holds her mark. Another solid story with enough tidbits about bigger things to come thrown in to keep it very interesting. I still don't care what anyone else says, I'm rooting for Rachel and Trent to give in to their animal passion somewhere down the line.

Umm, 18 books in 20 days, not counting the 2 that I read more than once. More than twice, if the truth is told. Why aren't I getting paid to read my way through life again?

Randomly, I tweaked the wallpaper I made yesterday because it wasn't quite right. The new wall is posted at bay12 (with the old one still up if you want to see the changes that were made) and I think it captures the feel I was going for a bit better. What the hell ... here it is ...

1280x1024 - 1280x960

Credit for the textures and such are over at my graphics journal, but there you have it! Ghostly goings on. Whoooooooooooo.

I've painted the toes on one foot but not the other. I have to take the dogs out soon, should I take them out first and look all weird with only one foot painted or do the other and let the dogs wait until they dry. Paint 'em first? Okay!

I'm done!

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Hawt, kitten. Mrawr. When you gonna be on my side of the country?

Is it funny that I was just thinking about that today? I was all, "Hmm, it would be fun to visit Odd. I've never been anywhere back East before that wasn't an airport."
That is weird, isn't it?

It's the hair. Now c'mere. :D

The new hair is AWESOME! And cute and peppy fun! LOVE it..oh what a lovely wp too!

Thank you! I love the color. I always forget how much I love having my hair red until I take the plunge again! Red, ftw!

love the color!!
...and i wished i looked that good with no makeup on lol

Isn't the color great!?!?! When she was putting it on I kept hoping that it wouldn't fade out too much and it didn't!

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