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Stock-quote-Clowns will eat me

Brought to you by my awesome snakebite!

Dudes. My sister and bro-in-law invited my mom and me to the brewery tonight as a thank you for helping them out with the contractors and 2 beers and a plate of nachos later, I'm feeling the buzzzzzzzzz. Sweet.

Before the brewery visit I managed to finish up and post a wallpaper based on the mock-up book cover for my multi-chapter epic. It's at bay12 and can be found here. The more I look at it the more little tweaks I want to make (actually it's just one tweak) but I'm very pleased with how it turned out. The title of the wall is not the title of the story, nor do the other words have anything to do with the story itself (other than being definitions of paranormal type things). I'd be thrilled and delighted if you'd tell me what you think.

I also finished a book. Before the drinking. Boo-yah!
Book #31 - Dead Witch Walking (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows #1) by Kim Harrison - Guys, I love this series. I think the last time I read it was back in 2007, so it was long overdue for a re-read. This book effectively starts the story of Rachel Morgan, witch, ex-runner, bad-ass. After quitting her job with Inderland Security, Rachel finds herself with a price on her head; a death mark that has all the supernatural bounty hunters in the Cincinnati area gunning for her. Using her wits, her friends and a purse full of charms, Rachel has to find a way to remove the bounty and make her way independently. Did I mention that I love this series? Rachel is strong, sometimes hard headed and she handles the fall out from her bad decisions as coolly as ... something cool. A very fun start to a very fun series.

As much as I love the Otherworld series I had to take a bit of a break. I was on Otherworld overload. Which is cool, but hard to read around.

Okay. My typing sucks. My spelling's even worse. I'm a little afraid to read this tomorrow when I'm not wearing these sweet, sweet beer goggles.

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Hm, every time I see someone gush about Harrison's books, I kinda don't get it. After my first read-through, I gave it two stars and almost didn't finish it. Only after my encounter with the obnoxious Anita Blake did I realize that Rachel wasn't that bad, just kinda... cringe-worthy in her stupidity.

Guess I'm very, very picky about female characters and Rachel just rubbed me wrong from the very beginning.

One of the things I liked about Rachel is how screwed up she is. She makes some phenomenally bad decisions sometimes and she's willing to face the fallout from those decisions. I've also enjoyed how her character has progressed through the books.

From a standpoint of someone who enjoys writing and world-building, the world Kim Harrison created blows me away. It's like she took our normal world and tweaked it slightly to the left and found places for all the weird little things that make me grin. Elves, gargoyles, witches ... I can appreciate how close it is to our world, while being drawn into an entire new world filled with magic and mayhem.

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