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It fills you with energy ...

Uggh. Hailey's spending the night tonight and of course the kiddos have decided to do epic battle with each other in a clash that might possibly destroy Western Civilization as we know it. Awesome. Also, a little annoying.

Yes. I did read a book today. Thank you for asking! I was waiting for the blind man (not a blind man but a man who installs blinds) this morning and I needed a wee bit of a break from my story. Sometimes stepping away from the story makes all the errors shine brightly when you look back. That's not really my point here. I was trying to imply that I had a reason to read. But can't I always find a reason to read?

Book #30 - Haunted (Women of the Otherworld #5) by Kelley Armstrong - I really, really didn't remember what happened in this book. I mean, I remembered bits and pieces of it but nothing major. Which means that this was a re-read that felt like the first time. Nice. With Eve Levine as narrator this time around, we're taken into the afterlife and meet a few angels, the Fates,a serial-killing demi-demon and draw favored necromancer Jaime Vegas back into the fold. You know, I like Eve. Portraying her as a black witch in the previous books had me thinking that she's just plain evil. She's not. She might have a flexible moral code and she might not care if people die by her hands but she doesn't actively seek to cause murder and mayhem. There are lines that she won't cross and she loves her daughter (Savannah from previous books) so much that she has a hard time letting her go after she's dead. Once again, Kelley Armstrong gives us a new set of Supernaturals to learn about, expanding this world by leaps and bounds.

I ended up watching last week's Lost last night after Cole went to bed. I don't know what to think of it. I liked it but it kinda seems like some characters *coughJackcough* are acting a lot out of character. And not just in that episode. The whole smashing the lighthouse mirror thing. I thought that was downright dumb. And he's not dumb. The Richard thing? Jack's response/actions were not what I would have expected from him. Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe I'm missing some big-ass character development that everyone else sees. I don't know.

I have watched nothing else. Nothing. It's kinda nice. Although I'm looking forward to both Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries coming back like WHOA!

Okay. That's it for me. I'm done. And a little hungry.

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i don't really watch lost. but i do see snippets occasionally. i did see the smashing the lighthouse mirrors scene. do you think this will be like one of those things that will be beneficial to them later? like in harry potter, when they evaporate (or whatever it is called) into the house with malfoy and get his wand, but they almost get caught and you're thinking 'oh my god that is the worst thing that could happen!' but it turns out to save them in the end?

Ha! I dunno. Maybe it will. My thought was ... if you're looking for answers, why are you destroying something that could potentially give them to you? Why? Stupid Jack.

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